Feeding Your Golf Addiction In The Winter, Part 3: Visit The Local Clubhouse

Feeding Your Golf Addiction In The Winter, Part 3: Visit The Local Clubhouse

  This is the third in a series of essays on things to feed your … Read more.

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Feeding Your Golf Addiction In The Winter, Part 2: Maintain Your Equipment

Feeding Your Golf Addiction In The Winter, Part 2: Maintain Your Equipment

This is the second in a series of essays on things to feed your golf … Read more.

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Buyers Guide – Winter 2013 Golf Apparel

Buyers Guide – Winter 2013 Golf Apparel

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MyGolfSpy’s 1st Seasonal Golf Apparel Buyer’s Guide

In case you missed the introduction to this new exciting feature, my name is KaraKoo.  Each season, I will be Your Personal Golf Apparel Stylist”, and will present 10 complete great looking golf outfits to prepare you for yet another season of golf with your buddies.

I will share two choices each, for 5 different styles of golfers: Bold, Classic, Trendy, Athletic and Traditional.  Or, for those of you ready to jump out of your comfort zone and be a little more versatile, which I strongly recommend, there will be several options to consider.  You will be able to preview images of these options on a model from every angle so you don’t have to try it on.  Plus, you can click to immediately buy these entire outfits from our online retail partner FairwayStyles.com, without ever having to go out and shop.

Entire fabulous outfit choices to fit your style, handed to you each season, and the ability to purchase these outfits from home.  I know…it seems too good to be true…but it’s not.  It is officially time to stock up on some fresh, new winter golf apparel.  Let’s start scrolling…

Solving A Simple Problem:

Shopping for golf clothes in stores or online simply doesn’t work for most guys. It simply takes too much time, too much energy and there are too many choices. It’s overwhelming.  Now, we will do the work, we will find your style and we will make it easy! 


You don’t have to wear crazy in-your-face color all the time, but a little color in the closet should be considered necessary.  Not every guy can pull off a bold look, but if you have a confident and fun personality, and you are not afraid to try something daring and different, this is your zone.  Be prepared to be noticed.

Bold Look 1

Bold Look 1 pairs a basic Travis Mathew polo with a dynamic pair of Abacus plaid paints and an Abacus vest that screams, “Caution, I might be too much to handle, or I might be just the excitement you are looking for!”






Bold Look 2

Bold Look 2 is a mix of Puma and Sligo Wear, worn by two of the most noteworthy guys on the PGA Tour when it comes to style and fashion, Rickie Fowler and Graham DeLaet.  Their golf game isn’t too shabby either, so you might take note. 







Not to be confused with traditional looks, the classic style consists of elements that continue to remind us of the country club lifestyle.  Kelly green & navy, rich colors such as burgundy and the everlasting argyle print.  Anyone can pull off a classic look.  Fashion labels that like to push the bar to increasingly new heights will question our loyalty to heritage pieces, but, why fix what will never be broken?

Billy Horschel was one of the best dressed golfers on the PGA Tour in 2013, representing the Ralph Lauren RLX line in perfectly classic style.  Horschel demonstrated that primary colors look fantastic with a nice pair of brown golf shoes and matching brown belt.

Classic Look 1

Classic Look 1 showcases a top and matching sweater by A|U|R and Nike Golf pants.






Classic Look 2

Classic Look 2 also includes a smooth argyle sweater by A|U|R and a Travis Matthew polo, paired with pants and belt by the Travis Mathew counterpart of Matte Grey.







Was your first thought when you saw the outfits for the athletic look below, “Umm are we sure these are sporty and athletic?  Aren’t they more bold?”  Good.  I am pushing your comfort level here.  Typically guys that go for the standard adidas or Nike polo and tech fabric pants, are actually falling into the new “traditional” or as I like to refer to it, “plain” category.  Hey athletic guy!  I know you can step it up another notch.

Add a bit of fresh, sporty color and a touch (I said a touch) of a well-designed pattern to your polo, but feel free to still grab for those high-performance pants.

Athletic Look 1

Athletic Look 1 may at first seem more like spring with the neon green Abacus polo and gray Nike golf tech pants.  However, when topped off with one of my favorite jackets of the season, the Abacus Tiverton Wind Jacket, it is a fun fall/winter look!






Athletic Look 2

Athletic Look 2 is one of the best Oakley combos I have seen from them in 2013.  Bubba Watson had to wear some pretty awful shirts on the course this year, so I started to think Oakley was not capable of greatness.  Yet, this unique wine colored polo with complimentary jacket won me over.







I say trendy, you say “Travis Mathew.”  Look, I don’t decide what is trendy, I just sit back and observe.  Truth be told, I am not a huge Travis Mathew fan.  However, when athletes and other celebrities hit the golf course in Travis Mathew,  the weekend golfer seems to follow along.  That’s just how it works.  To be fair, the label has an incredible marketing plan (note to all you entrepreneurs out there) and it is working.

I will also use this category to feature designers and pieces you might not consider, or see in your local golf retailer.  If anyone is willing to try something new and hot it is you trendy fellows right?  Good for you!

Trendy Look 1

Trendy Look 1 is so smooth.  I have to be totally transparent and give this look my vote for “Oh yeah, if I saw a guy wearing this on the golf course I would totally look twice!”  Everyone’s favorite Travis Mathew,  paired with the ever fabulous J. Lindeberg and topped off with a sharp Hollas jacket.  Do not overlook the statement this Matte Grey belt makes.  It is a must buy for this look.






Trendy Look 2

Trendy Look 2 hails from the collection of not only one of my favorite golfers, but also one of the most striking dressers on tour, Graeme McDowell.  G-Mac by Kartel had me turning my head more times this season than any other label.  Give it a try.







Here is where we really begin to develop our trust, because I am going tell you flat out that this is my least favorite category of golf apparel.  It almost pained me (ok it pained me) to make these selections for you.  However, I do realize that it may take a while for me to convince you to experiment with your style and try something new.  That’s ok, I will be here to keep encouraging you.  The fact is, you are not alone.  The market shows that traditional brands more than dominate.  All that means to me is that I have a LOT of you to convince to step out of your comfort zone.  These options are honestly not super by-the-book traditional, but they were as far as I was willing to compromise.

Traditional Look 1

Traditional Look 1 comes from the Nike Tiger Woods collection.  Nice shade of blue paired with gray pants to pick up on the gray accents in the polo.  Grab a simple Nike TW pullover and head to the golf course.  This selection is for all you WWTD (What Would Tiger Do) guys.  Though, I will never condone you wearing a white belt.






Traditional Look 2

Traditional Look 2 finally offers you a pair of khaki pants and a basic cotton polo.  Navy is safe and looks nice on everyone so try this Linksoul version with flat-front adidas khaki pants and a nice Oakley jacket that doubles as a vest for a warmer day.





See You In January

Look for our Spring Golf Apparel Buyers Guide in January! Until then, please join the conversation on MyGolfSpy or by following @KaraKoo on Twitter.

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