Lost To Time: Aviation Country Club of Detroit, Michigan

Lost To Time: Aviation Country Club of Detroit, Michigan

Although it now is lost to time,  in its brief existence, The Aviation Country Club … Read more.

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2014 Golf’s Most Wanted Driver – It’s Go Time!

2014 Golf’s Most Wanted Driver – It’s Go Time!

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And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the answer to who really makes the #1 Driver In Golf?

Tomorrow, kicks off 4 days of Golf’s Most Wanted Driver coverage on MyGolfSpy.

4 Days? I know…it’s insane. Would you expect anything else from the most complete driver test in golf?

When you’re as thorough as we are, it takes nearly as long to get through a single club test as it does some others to get through an entire bag of clubs (not to mention the bag itself). Quite frankly we don’t even have time to do Morning Drive (full disclosure, they didn’t exactly invite us).

Maybe next year.


The “Most Wanted” Testing Philosophy

At MyGolfSpy our club testing is Datacratic. We don’t care about the names on the clubs. We care about performance – and performance only. The best drivers in each of our categories are determined based on the data, and not a damn thing more.

Because we refuse to accept advertising from the biggest names in golf, we don’t have to worry about keeping the golf companies happy. Nobody gets a medal just for showing up. The Most Wanted Driver Test isn’t a 3rd grade science fair. Not everybody gets a trophy.

This Year’s Test

Had Titleist, Bomtech and Miura not declined our invitation, and if Wishon, Geek, and others had new product available in time, we quite possibly could have reached 30 drivers this year.

Once again, maybe next year.

Despite those absences we still managed to amass a field of 23 drivers.

To See all 23 drivers in our test, click here.

In addition to most of the top-selling brands in golf (Callaway, PING, and TaylorMade), we are extremely excited to have tested drivers from lesser-known companies like Yonex, ONOFF, Krank, Powerbilt , Sinister Golf and Tommy Armour.

Mighty Titleist declines to participate, but Tommy Armour and Sinister Golf step up. How can you not love that?

What To Expect from the Results

In a word, SURPRISES.

Certainly some of the clubs generating the buzz right now met, or even exceeded expectations. Some others fell short, and a select group of clubs many of you might never have heard of, or might never have considered, proved beyond any reasonable doubt that they deserve a seat at the grown-up’s table.

To an extent, the results are exactly what we’ve come to expect. A small number of clubs overperform. A small number underperform, while the overwhelming majority occupies the middle – separated by only tenths of yards.

Even with that said, we’re certain this year’s results are going to turn heads, ruffle feathers, and spark debate. That’s inevitably going to happen when your results are 100% Datacratic.


How We Tested

  • All drivers were tested in their stock configuration (off-the-rack). Where multiple stock shafts are available, we tested with the combination that produced the best results for each individual tester.
  • Prior to the start of our tests, drivers were randomly placed into 3 groups. No manufacturer had 2 clubs in the same group.
  • The order that clubs were hit was determined at random, but was balanced such that a given club was hit equally in the front, middle, and end of each rotation.
  • After being given sufficient time to warm up, testers hit 3 to 5 shots at a time with each club before moving to the next one. Testers hit between 60 and 90 shots during each testing session.
  • Each tester hit each club in our test on 3 different occasions (each tester hit each club group on 3 different days).
  • While individual numbers varied, each tester hit the same number of qualifying shots (non-misreads, solid contact) with each club in the test.
Simplified Scoring

This year we’ve introduced a reference club to the scoring equation, which will drastically improve the decision making process for consumers on all drivers tested now and in the future. Both Distance and Total Driving (Best Overall) rankings are based on how many yards were gained or lost compared to the reference club.

The winners are the clubs that outperformed the reference club (and every other club in our test) by the widest margins.

For accuracy there is a complex proprietary scoring calculation, so to make it as easy to understand as it possibly can be, we’re showing you our calculated accuracy score along with the average number of yards offline and the percentage of fairways hit with each driver.

The Most Wanted Driver Schedule

Day 1 (Tuesday, February 11) – Distance

Distance Day is for those of you who either never miss a fairway, or don’t care where the ball lands so long as the ball goes far. When we look at raw distance, we do so without any regard for accuracy whatsoever.

300 yards is 300 yards. Dead straight or dead left, it doesn’t matter. Grip and rippers out there, this one is for you.

Day 2 (Wednesday, February 12) – Accuracy

Looking at accuracy in a vacuum is a challenging proposition, but for those of you willing to give up yards (and in some cases it’s more than a few) to keep the ball closer to the center of the fairway, you’ll love accuracy day.

If you’re happy to trade 230 in the fairway for 250 in the rough or worse, this one is for you.

Day 3 (Thursday, February 13) – Golf’s Most Wanted Driver

To determine Golf’s Most Wanted Driver we look at Total Driving (total distance – yards offline). The club that produced the biggest gains (compared to our reference/control club) is our best of 2014. Quite simply, it’s Golf’s Most Wanted Driver.

Day 4 (Next Week) – Beyond the Data

We go beyond our numbers to give you the inside scoop on why some clubs performed well, why others didn’t, and hopefully give you some additional guidance towards your 2014 driver purchase.

 Come Back Tomorrow

There’s nothing left to say…we start announcing 2014′s Most Wanted Drivers tomorrow.

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Golf Pics of the Week (Killing time ’til the PGA Championship Edition)

Golf Pics of the Week (Killing time ’til the PGA Championship Edition)

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It’s Almost PGA Championship Time…Do You Care?

While we wait for a flood of PGA Championship (the least Major of all majors) gear to flood in, I’m back with another all-equipment version of the Golf Pics of the Week. It’s a safe bet Phil and the Silver Jug would have been a landslide winner if I had let you vote for it. No worries for Callaway, however; as the Oh Canada version of the RAZR Fit Xtreme they made for Adam Hadwin managed to come out on top anyway.

This week’s collection includes more more from Callaway, a sweet new iron finish from Miura, and the Mizuno’s MP-4 they way I think lots of you wish it looked at retail.

But First . . . Last Week’s Winner

The Golf Pics of the Week (Click to Enlarge)

The inside of True Temper's mobile tour lab is pretty cool.
The TaylorMade Tour Lab has a spider infestation.
PING Golf Japan has a lot of G25s.
Gene Nead made a ivory and copper custom. Guessing the elephant doesn't love it.
Mizuno Japan posted this raw MP-4.
Callaway milled this left-handed putter. Wonder whose it is?
The George Spirits Mono FW is coming...not to the US, but it's coming.
Callaway Staffer Luke List is too cool for numbers or lofts.
Project X has a new prototype in development.
Tourque Golf posted some pics of Miura's new Black Boron finish.

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