Golf Is Awesome so stop trying to hack it and instead embrace what makes the game so damn great!

Golf Is Awesome so stop trying to hack it and instead embrace what makes the game so damn great!

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The Monday after The Masters TaylorMade Golf hosted a HackGolf event at Reynolds Plantation where PGA Tour Professionals Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose wore shorts, and, playing alongside media members more important (or more likely to say nice things about HackGolf) than myself, hit golf balls into 15” cups.

…and golf was saved. If only it was that simple.

The experiment will be repeated at courses all over the country (sans the PGA Tour guys and the media), and if everything goes well, courses will be given the option to purchase the 15” kits. Here’s a quick tip…if you want to give the appearance that Hacking Golf is all about growing the game, and not simply growing a revenue stream, maybe don’t try  and cash in on the Hack hole kits.

Tell us why you love golf and you’ll be automatically entered to win a special MyGolfSpy Prize Package.

Since the Hack Golf initiative launched a steady stream of mostly predictable ideas (some more absurd than others) have rolled in.

:: We need bigger cups (apparently 15” is the right number)
:: Courses should open up for Foot Golf (15” cups might work there too)
:: The golf balls should be bigger
:: Courses should replace their golf carts with Segways
:: EVERYONE should play faster

I’ll give the Segway idea points for ingenuity…and fun.

The problem with HackGolf is that to date it’s a community of mostly avid golfers complaining about everything that’s wrong with golf. The new blood (guys who don’t play golf at all – and can provide a reasoned explanation for what that is) is largely absent. The guys talking about what’s wrong with golf, are the ones playing most of the golf.

Here’s everything I hate, but I play anyway…but YOU still need to fix it.

Could you imagine if golf companies sold equipment this way? Don’t buy our driver because…well…here’s all the stuff that’s wrong with it. Buy hey, bear with us, we’ll brainstorm the problem, and get back to you later.

To grow golf you have to sell what’s great about golf, not reinvent the whole damn game.

The HackGolf approach is all wrong. To grow golf we don’t need to tear it down. It doesn’t need to be hacked. We need to tap in to why it is that we play this amazing game despite the hundreds of things that are apparently terribly wrong with it.

Each and every one of us loves golf. Reasons may be singular or many, but WE LOVE GOLF.

Share the love, grow the game. That’s what I believe.

So right now, today, right here, let’s have a discussion. I don’t want to hear about slow play, or how expensive golf is. I’m not interested in complaints about equipment release cycles, or the lack of Segways on the golf course.

I want you to tell me this and only this:

Why do you love golf?

Discuss below. Everyone who participates will be automatically entered to win a MyGolfSpy Prize Package.

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Vessel – Tour Quality Custom Golf Bags, for Your Less Than Tour Quality Game

Vessel – Tour Quality Custom Golf Bags, for Your Less Than Tour Quality Game

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Average Joes Get Treated Like Pros

Pretty much all of us who’ve reached an obsessive level with this ridiculous game of golf have dreamed…or at least thought it would be cool to get our name sewn on a golf bag. For Tour pros, it’s a given. Teaching professionals get them too as part of their staff deals.


If you’ve got an important job like President of the United States, or really…President of just about anything, some golf company is going to be willing to give you the VIP treatment (monogrammed golf bag included).

For the rest of you…the good, the average, and the weekend hacks; if you want your name on a staff bag, the royal bitch of a reality is that you’re going to have to do it yourself. That’s where Vessel Bags comes in.

Sure, Vessel has produced bags for big golf companies like Nike, TaylorMade and Callaway. Vessel has also created the MADE FOR TV bags for the likes of Michelle Wie, Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Christie Kerr, and recently crowned PGA Rookie of the Year, Jordan Speith.

Is the Vessel-made Under Armour Staff bag the key to Speith’s tour success? No…but since this is a story about Vessel, sure…why not.

Money, it’s gotta be the bag.

Hey That’s Great for Speith, But What About Me?


I’m glad you asked.

Vessel is already pretty much the top staff bag producer for super important people and golf companies, but now they’ve decided to provide the same tour-proven craftsmanship to less than super-important guys like me…and yes…you too. I’m talking about direct-to-the-consumer, fully customized golf bags shipped in as little as two weeks.

It’s So Damn Easy

With Vessel’s straightforward, yet reasonably robust online design tool, designing your very own custom bag is filthy simple.

Pick your style


Choose primary, secondary, and accent colors

You can even choose the color of your zipper (though options are currently limited to black and white)


Personalize your bag

Add your logo, some random text, or, yup…your name. Vessel’s bag builder lets you customize the panels, and even the strap.


Pick Your Size and Pay

Vessel’s cart and staff bags are available in 9″ and 10″ tops. Choose your size and pay for your bag (yeah…the paying part sucks).


Stand bags start at $350, while cart/staff bags are priced around $650. Absolutely, it costs more than your off-the-rack, big OEM bag (without your name on it, I might add), but for a high-quality product that’s distinctly yours…with Vessel, you get what you pay for.

Vessel Craftsmanship

VESSEL partners with one of the world’s top manufacturers of golf and sport bags. Our manufacturing partner has been producing golf bags for over 30 years, and makes bags for premium golf brands such as Nike, TaylorMade, Callaway and Adidas.

Our factory uses the latest production technologies such as laser cutting, high frequency bonding, computer sewing, and CNC machines for creating molds. Our factory leverages Lean Manufacturing techniques, and implements Total Quality Management practice company wide, and is ISO 9000 qualified.

The MyGolfSpy Staff Bags

The team at Vessel created bags for the MyGolfSpy Staff. We designed, them, Vessel made them…and not for anything, we think they turned out just awesome. Check out pics of Spy Zinger’s Custom Bag in the MyGolfSpy Forum.


What Your Own Custom Vessel Bag?

If you’re tempted to design a custom bag of your own, or just want to buy one of the awesome MyGolfSpy Bags, Vessel has been kind enough to offer a 15% Discount to MyGolfSpy readers.

Use Coupon code is GS15. Offer is valid through Dec. 31, 2013

For more information, and/or to start designing your custom bag, visit

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