Contest! – Win MyGolfSpy’s 2015 Most Wanted Driver ($1500 Prize Package)

Contest! – Win MyGolfSpy’s 2015 Most Wanted Driver ($1500 Prize Package)

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Launches Monday.

Monday you will get the performance you deserve.

But today, you pick who you think is going to win.  Pick all the winners and you walk away with part of a prize pack valued at over $1500.  The winner will walk away with $500 Cash + The 2015 Most Wanted Driver. So, who are you picking?

Power To The Player

Our testing procedures were significantly expanded. Our test included more golfers, more drivers, and more data than ever before.  28 drivers have been put to the ultimate test.  20 golfers just like you for spent over 150 hours in testing, over 10,000 shots calculated,  more than 250,000 data points scrutinized.

Our goal is to empower the consumer with truthful and reliable information that will help you identify the best driver for your game.


Entering is quick and simple.  All you need to do is post a comment with your guesses for the Most Wanted Driver in all 3 Categories we grade (Distance, Accuracy, Total Performance).

  • 1st Prize – $500 + 2015 Most Wanted Driver
  • 2nd Prize – 2015 Most Wanted Driver

In the event that multiple readers correctly identify the winning drivers, winners will be selected at random from qualified entries.

Contest ends on Monday, March 30th as soon as our Most Wanted Driver for Distance is announced.

How To Enter:

Leave a comment below with your picks for each of the following

  1. Most Wanted Driver for Distance – {PICK YOUR WINNER}
  2. Most Wanted Driver for Accuracy – {PICK YOUR WINNER}
  3. Most Wanted Driver for Best Overall – {PICK YOUR WINNER}


*As always, void where prohibited. Open to residents of the USA, Canada, and the rest of planet Earth.

The 2015 Most Wanted Field


Most Wanted Driver next week. Distance, Accuracy, and Total Performance. Over 100, Below 100, and of course, overall winners.

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Contest – Win The Next PIMP List Wedge

Contest – Win The Next PIMP List Wedge

Post image for Contest – Win The Next PIMP List Wedge

First, let me say a quick Thank You to all of you who kicked in theme ideas for the next #PimpList wedge.

The guys at Golf Alchemy are ready to get started bringing your ideas to life. Before they can, however; we need to select a winner from your Top 5 Submissions.

It’s time for the final vote.

The Giveaway

To be eligible fore the giveaway, all you need to do is vote for your favorite theme from the list of choices below. Once the final count is tallied, the guys at Golf Alchemy will create two wedges. One will be sent to MyGolfSpy to be kept in our vault. The other will go to one of you guys (selected at random) who vote for the eventual winner.

The winner will be selected at random.

Voting Ends 11/23/2014 at 12:01 AM Eastern Time. Basically, you have just over 1 week.

Vote Now

Mobile UsersClick Here

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Contest! – Win this Edel Clyde W. Hand-Engraved #ThePimpList Wedge

Contest! – Win this Edel Clyde W. Hand-Engraved #ThePimpList Wedge

Post image for Contest! – Win this Edel Clyde W. Hand-Engraved #ThePimpList Wedge

Yesterday we rolled out #ThePimpList – a collection of 19 of the sexiest custom wedges you’ll ever find in one place. Today we’re taking it a step further. We’re giving away one of the most popular (based on your votes so far) Pimp List wedges.

This stunning deep-blue torched Edel Wedge, hand-engraved by Clyde W. can be yours.

MyGolfSpy Pimp List-21

Seriously. We’ve been so overwhelmed (in a good way) by the response that we’ve decided to celebrate the success of ##ThePimpList by giving all of you a chance to own this stunningly beautiful wedge.

If you missed The Pimp List yesterday, you probably should check it out right now.

Once again, here are the details on this one-of-a-kind Edel Golf creation:

Loft: 56°
Grind: Driver Grind 18 degrees of Bounce
Finish: Engraved by Edel Master Engraver Clyde W., finished by torching to a deep blue color
Metal:  Carbon Steel
Stampings (significance): Hand engraved by Edel Master Engraver Clyde W.
Designer/Grinder: Hand Ground by Neil Oster, Hand Engraved by Clyde W.

How To Enter

1. If you’re not already a subscriber, subscribe to the MyGolfSpy Newsletter (We’ve made it easy…here’s a form:)

2. Name this wedge. Every stunning work of art deserves a name. The Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s David, or for the sake of a solid popular culture reference, Seinfeld’s Golden Boy…not that a t-shirt really qualifies for what we’re going for here, but you get it.

Be Creative, Be Brilliant

And on the off chance you don’t get it; let me spell it out for you. Leave a comment with your original name for this Edel Golf/Clyde W. masterpiece, and if you want to make it a bit more interesting, let us know why you chose the name. Be creative, be funny, and most of all, be brilliant.

They MyGolfSpy staff will review the entries and choose our favorite. They guy who came up with it, he wins the wedge. It’s that simple.

PIMP List-1-3

Hurry up and enter before we change our minds!

We do have very specific plans for a few of #ThePimpList wedges, but a few of you have suggested that we auction of some of these fantastic wedges for charity. It’s an idea that we’re kicking around, but there are certainly no strings attached to this giveaway.

We Can’t Force You, But. . .

If the eventual is so inclined, we would certainly appreciate a donation to The First Tee, or some other organization of the winner’s choosing dedicated to growing the game of golf.

Contest Rules

1. Contest ends Friday, May 9th at 8:00PM Eastern Time. Entries posted after that time will be disregarded.
2. Limit 3 Entries Per Person. That’s right…you get 3 tries.
3. Winner will be chosen from qualified entries by the MyGolfSpy Staff. Decision is final, and 100% at our discretion.
4. Must be a resident of planet Earth. Sorry, no Martians or Moon-dwellers.

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2014 Most Wanted – Contest Winners Announced

2014 Most Wanted – Contest Winners Announced

Post image for 2014 Most Wanted – Contest Winners Announced


Before publishing the Most Wanted Driver Test, we ran a contest to coincide with the biggest driver test in golf; the MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Driver Hunt. We asked you to take our Most Wanted poster and place it somewhere for all the world to see and spread the word about the hunt for golf’s Most Wanted Driver. Contestants would then send us a photo of this epic event and we would select the best one.

Read more about it here



1st Place:


2nd Place:

The 2014 “Most Wanted” Driver (RANDOMLY SELECTED WINNER)


So without further ado here’s our winners!


First Place – John Barba @barbajo1 with his Times Square Furries (Twitter Entry)


 John will receive 2014′s Most Wanted Driver as well as the cash reward


Second Place – Kent Beach @beach1013 with his Auto Show display (Twitter Entry)


Kent will receive 2014′s Most Wanted Driver


*** Winners please send an email to contact (at) and we will be in touch regarding claiming your prize.  Thank you once again to everyone who participated and for your continued support of MyGolfSpy. Look for many more of these great contests in the future.


And here’s some of our other entries.

andam huckaby tombstone
Market Chaterwest urinal
Sang Lee Office Chair
Tom Cammalleri parkade

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We are currently deep into our investigation to find the Most Wanted Driver in golf, but are having trouble pinning down a prime suspect. So we are calling on you, our “man on the street”, to help make the world aware of the largest  mandriverhunt ever in golf. 




Click on, save and then PRINT OUT the “Most Wanted” poster above in the article. Then put up that poster anywhere and everywhere possible, preferably in high traffic areas. We’re talking on the golf course, train stations, coffee shops or at a bus stop. But’s who’s gonna step it up with the coolest idea? Think BIG! Hell why not Tiger Woods front door even. C’mon it’s time to think outside the box here people. Then take a picture or video of you posting it or already posted and report back to us.

AND I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH: Winner’s will be judged on the most creative entries possible.

How and where you can submit you mission INTEL:

Each agent may submit Intel via each Social media site or by email ONCE. We will only accept ONE entry per contestant per social avenue and/or email, so make it count. These can be different locations however.

Change your profile photo to the MOST WANTED poster and comment on our Most Wanted Facebook post letting us know you’ve done it (1 entry)

Tweet a pic to @mygolfspy of your publicly displayed MOST WANTED poster and include the hash tag #mygolfspymostwanted (1 entry)

Insta a pic or video to @mygolfspy of your publicly displayed MOST WANTED poster and include the hash tag #mygolfspymostwanted (1 entry)

Tag your video @mygolfspy of your publicly displayed MOST WANTED poster and include the hash tag #mygolfspymostwanted (1 entry)

Send us the pic of your publicly displayed MOST WANTED poster at subject: MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Contest Entry (1 entry)

 *All entries must be received by 11:59pm EST January 30, 2014
*Failure to adhere to rules such as adding hash tags or multiple entries via one social media will result in disqualification


1st Place:


2nd Place:

The 2014 “Most Wanted” Driver (RANDOMLY SELECTED WINNER)



Good luck Agents



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CONTEST! – Adams Golf “Easy Million” Campaign

CONTEST! – Adams Golf “Easy Million” Campaign

Post image for CONTEST! – Adams Golf “Easy Million” Campaign

Golf Store Owner: OH MY GOD! (in a voice the entire store could hear)…now that’s a first!
GolfSpy X: What’s that?  Oh…wow!  Have to say I’ve never seen that before myself.

After a few more minutes hitting the club I turned back around to take a break.  I hadn’t realized, but there was a crowd that had started to form around the hitting bay without me knowing it.  Kind of like an impromptu OutKast concert popping up out of thin air at the Wooden Nickel Bar back when I was in college.  Problem was, they weren’t there to see me, they were pushing to the front of the stage to see a damn golf club.  Yeah, seriously, this thing was a rock star that night.

Why you ask?  Well…it’s not every day you get to see a hybrid going farther than almost every driver in the store.  I myself had never seen it…and neither had the crowd that was swarming to get their hands on my club.  This hybrid was putting up numbers that exceeded 6 out of the 8 drivers I tested that day.  It had actually outperformed every driver at that point in time (we’re talking about a 300-yard hybrid here).  It wasn’t until the last 2 that it got beat.

:: Spill The Beans!

When I got back to the office I immediately posted this news on Facebook.  First response from a fan?  ”SPILL THE BEANS!  What club was it?”  It’s called the Adams Hybrid Super LS.

Let me start from the beginning.  A few weeks ago I was contacted by Adams Golf, they wanted to chat about their big new marketing campaign, called #EasyMillion.  Prior to the call I had asked if they could send some info along so I could take a look.  Looked like a good enough idea, nothing earth shattering, but definitely a unique spin on a distance claim for a new product that was about to launch.

Anyways…during our conversation I had to make a decision, I always have to ask myself, “is this something the readers really care to read, or is this just one of those thanks for sharing your new concept with us…talk to you soon kinda conversations?”  I thought it was the later, but then I said how about this, “How about MyGolfSpy puts your campaign to the test, head-to-head against what we’re playing now?” With zero hesitation they replied:  Absolutely.  100%.  Yes. A few weeks later myself, GolfSpy Dave, GolfSpy T and GolfSpy Matt had all been fitted up to see how the new Adams Super LS Speedline clubs would do head-to-head against our current gamers.

:: So, What Is The #EasyMillion Campaign?

Hit it. Share it. Wear it.

Everyone has heard of the +17 or 17 + 10 type of campaigns.  Distance claims sell clubs, true story.  But, Adams Golf, has something a little different with their newest distance claim, this one is all about golfer interaction.   Adams new #EasyMillion campaign is a truly unique and experiential marketing campaign, in an effort to allow golfers to gain a cumulative total of 1,000,000 yards of added distance with the company’s new line of SUPER clubs.

They want golfers to compare their new SUPER lineup head-to-head against their current clubs – and then using social media, tell the world how much distance they gained (if you do you get an Adams “Tour” Hat in return for free).  No specific yardage claim here…but let’s just say their pretty confident your gonna gain some distance and often times lots of it.  So, they don’t care whether it’s 10 yards, 45 yards or 105 yards (which they have actually seen) they just want to get the clubs in your hands to show you how big that + sign might be.

Once the golfer goes through the #EasyMillion experience and has their total yardage gained, they then immediately submit that number to the running total at by using their mobile phone (via mobile text messaging) or on any tablet device, laptop or desktop computer.  And you actually get to see your yardage move the needle on the website.  Pretty slick little campaign.

Once the yardage has been submitted you will then be sent your own Adams Golf tour-issued hat, with your unique yardage number embroidered on the side, shipped to your home or office. (VIDEO EXPLANATION BELOW)

:: The MyGolfSpy Test

This test was pretty simple and straightforward, we simply said to Adams and their new SUPER lineup “Show Us The Yardage!”. And to make it even tougher on Adams we made them go up against our current gamers not just some off the rack clubs we picked up from the local “$5 Bargain Barrel Bin”.  They had their work cut out for them.  But, the crew at Adams fit us up for the new Adams gear and the match was set.  There was no turning back now.

:: CONTEST! – How Much Yardage Did MyGolfSpy Gain?

(1 entry per reader)

THE MATCH: MyGolfSpy staffs current driver, fairway wood, hybrids and irons (vs) Adams SUPER driver, fairway wood, hybrids and irons.

PRIZE: Adams Super LS Hybrid (aka: The Rock Star)

HOW TO WIN: The reader who guesses closest to the total number of yards gained by the MyGolfSpy Staff with the new Adams Super lineup wins!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The complete list of yardage gained by each staff member and total yards will be posted tomorrow on

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CONTEST! – How Much Yardage Did MyGolfSpy Gain?

CONTEST! – How Much Yardage Did MyGolfSpy Gain?

Post image for CONTEST! – How Much Yardage Did MyGolfSpy Gain?

Take The Adams Golf #EasyMillion Challenge – CLICK HERE

:: Adams Golf – Accepts MyGolfSpy’s Challenge

Yesterday, the MyGolfSpy Staff took the Adams Golf #EasyMillion Challenge. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s article, I will sum it up for you real quick like.  Basically, Adams Golf has a new twist on a distance claim with their 2013 Adams SUPER Lineup.  Instead of saying their clubs will give you XX amount of yards, this time they’re gonna give golfers 1,000,000 yards.

Simply put they are wanting you to hit your clubs against theirs head-to-head and see what yardage you gain, then text that number to Adams Golf that number is then tallied up with people from all over the world at their new site  Obviously their goal is to hit 1,000,000 yards, their already at 143,000 and this club just came out.  And with the numbers these clubs put up for MyGolfSpy it might get there pretty quick.  In return you will get in the mail the same Tour hat the Adams guys are wearing with your “yardage number” embroidered on the side.   It quick, fun and interactive.

But generally if you make a bold claim, we are pretty certain to put it to the test.  Now while this isn’t an exact yardage claim, the rumors we were hearing about what golfers were actually gaining with these clubs made it a no-brainer for us to call Adams out and get to the truth for you guys.

:: MyGolfSpy (vs) Adams Golf  

THE MATCH: MyGolfSpy staffs current driver, fairway wood, hybrids and irons (vs) Adams SUPER driver, fairway wood, hybrids and irons.

THE PRIZE: Whoever from yesterday guessed the closest to our total yardage gained, is walking away with one of these hybrids!

THE OUTCOME: Below are all the totals.  Want to see exactly what we hit in the challenge? It will be listed at the end of the article.

Take The Adams Golf #EasyMillion Challenge – CLICK HERE

:: #EasyMillion – MyGolfSpy Staff Gains 256!

Tony Covey = +60

Driver: Adams Super LS w/Matrix 8m3 (vs) TaylorMade R11s (Tour) w/UST VTS Black = +1 yard

3W: Adams Super LS w/Matrix 8m3 (vs) TaylorMade RBZ (Tour Issue) w/Fubuki AX = -9 yards

2H: Adams Super LS w/Matrix Hm3 85 (vs) 16.5° TaylorMade RBZ w/Matrix Altus 85 = +9 yards

3H: Adams Super LS w/Matrix Hm3 95 (vs) – Adams Idea Pro a12 = +11 yards

4H: Adams Super LS w/Matrix hm3 105 (vs) Adams Idea Pro a12 = +14 yards

Irons: Adams Super S w/KBS C-Taper S+ (vs) Miura CB-501 w/KBS C-Taper S+ = +34 yards

Dave Wolfe = +54

Driver: Adams Super LS w/LS Kuro Kage (vs) RAZR Fit Kai’ li = +8 yards

3W: Adams Super LS w/Kuro Kage) (vs) Callaway Razr Fit W/Kai ‘ li = 0 yards

3H: Adams Super LS w/Kuro Kage (vs) Callaway RAZR X w/Adlila NV = -3 yards

4H: Adams Super LS w/Kuro Kage (vs) Callaway RAZR X w/Adlila NV= +12 yards

Irons: Adams Super S w/DG S300 (vs) Callaway RAZR X Tour w/DG S300 = +37 yards

Matt Saternus = +61

Driver: Adams Super LS w/Fujikura Speeder 7.2 Tour Spec  (vs) Callaway RAZR Fit w/RT Technologies Zeus LT = +9

3W: Adams Super LS w/Fuijkura Speeder 7.2 Tour Spec (vs) Callaway X Hot Pro w/Project X Velocity (made for) = +10

3H: Adams Super LS w/Fujikura Speeder 9.8 HB (vs) Callaway X Hot Pro w/stock shaft = +24

Irons: Adams Super S w/Tour Issue DG (vs) Wilson FG Tour V2 w/Tour Issue DG = +18

GolfSpy X = +81

Driver: Adams Super LS w/Matrix HD6 (vs) Taylormade RBZ Tour Matrix HD6 = -19

3W: Adams Super LS w/Matrix 8M3 (vs) Titleist 906f2 15* w/UST V2 = +27

3H: Adams Super LS w/Matrix hm3 (vs) Titleist 585H w/Aldila NV = +26

4H: Adams Super LS w/Matrix hm3 (vs) Titleist 585H w/Aldila NV = +19

Irons: Adams Super S w/KBS C Taper (vs) Mizuno MP-58  w/Tour Issue S400 = +28


:: The hybrids, particularly the 15* are insane, it’s hard to argue with the result.

:: One of my playing partners actually went and bought the hybrid right after hitting mine.

:: Higher lofts launch insanely high, stay up in the air forever, and land soft.

:: I think that the extra bounce on the irons will help the average golfer.

:: A buddy keeps calling me to “borrow” the driver.  His Tour Burner just ain’t getting it done.

:: The things that impressed me about the irons is how consistent the distance was on mishits.

:: Wow…can’t believe I’m going to say this…I might want a little less distance.

:: I love the deep face and the overall shape.

:: I still hate the white, but this is the first club that makes me think I could get over it.

:: For being a “player’s” driver” it has really solid forgiveness across the face.

:: Hate the hybrid.  Not sure about the 3W.

:: It’ doesn’t have the feel of the Adams drivers I’ve loved in the past.

:: The irons are extremely easy to hit…and long.

:: If you’re looking for a distance iron, the Super S irons are definitely worth a serious look.

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CONTEST! – KBS Custom Labs

CONTEST! – KBS Custom Labs

Post image for CONTEST! – KBS Custom Labs


* Details on how to enter contest are listed below.

Up until recently if you wanted to add flare to your clubs with a shaft it had to be graphite.  Problem was…that shaft you had to have because it matched your clubhead or hell who knows maybe even your favorite basketball team most likely wasn’t a good fit for your game.  So, while you thought you and your clubs were lookin’ cool Mr. DukeBlueDevils Fanboy all decked out in your head-to-grip Blue Devil blue, you were spending most of your days with the ticks and fire ants in the woods.

When it came to steel shafts…you could choose from steel-colored or well steel-colored….unless you’re one of those garage tinkerers (RookieBlue) and decided to spray paint your shafts (not recommended). And while nobody was really complaining that steel shafts had limited options when it came to color, customization & personalization is a trend that has and will continue to grow.  So, the leader in steel shaft custom innovation, KBS Shafts, decided to give golfers what they didn’t even know they wanted or needed.

Custom steel shaft color options.

How many?  Well about 1,620 of them.

KBS has built a new online tool for you to do just that. The new KBS CUSTOM LAB offers golfer’s a large pallette of color options from grip to clubhead to help you visualize a brand new set of wedges (featuring KBS Custom shafts). The new software gives golfers total control over designing a custom set of wedges complete with KBS Custom shafts. And oh yeah, you can also laser-engrave them with up to 25 text characters per shaft as well.


:: Choose from 3 different finishes (white, black, silver)

:: Choose from 5 label color options (red, blue, green, orange, and white)

:: Available in three flexes (R, S and X)

:: Optional laser engraving

:: Order online at KBS or at premier KBS dealers


We have included step-step instructions both below in text or if your a picture kinda guy we have included step-by-step picture instructions below as well.  Remember you have to enter the info that is emailed to you into the comments section of this article.  And you can also earn an extra entry by clicking their tweet your shaft buttons as well.

PRIZE – We will select (3) winners by random selection.  Each winner will be getting a Custom KBS Labs wedge set of shafts.

STEP 1 – Create your own custom set of shaft at the KBS Online Custom Lab (CLICK HERE)

STEP 2 – Once completed your KBS Custom design will be emailed to you.

STEP 3 – Copy and paste the email you receive from KBS into a comment section below.

EXTRA ENTRY – click their “Tweet Your Shaft” button and tweet the following for an extra entry.

TWEET THIS – Check out the KBS CUSTOM lab #CUSTOMLAB #MyGolfSpyKBS >>

:: Contest Ends March 22! Good luck!



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