Cobra Fly-Z Irons

Cobra Fly-Z Irons
Cobra Fly-Z 3-4H, 5-PW,GW Iron Set with Steel Shafts

Cobra Golf’s Fly-Z irons feature a “Speed Channel Face”—built around a channel cut into the sole of the iron that’s designed to flex at impact for faster ball speeds and thus, greater distance.

Channels and slots seem to be the big thing these days. TaylorMade’s got the Speed Slot. Adams has a similar technology in some of its clubs.

A deep undercut is designed to create a large unsupported face, which should produce even more speed. Then, to make all of this feel and sound good, a “harmonic insert” of thermoplastic has been injected into the rear of the clubhead.

I’ll take a set in blue, please.

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Cobra Fly Z Hybrid

Cobra Fly Z Hybrid
Cobra Men’s Fly Z Hybrid Clubs

Cobra’s Fly Z Hybrid features a raft of technology that’s designed to help players get the ball in the air with more distance and forgiveness:

Speed Channel Face: An engineered trench around the perimeter of the face thins the wall structure around the perimeter to increase Speed
Crown Zone Weighting Technology removes weight from the crown to reposition low and back in the head for a Low deep CG
Forged E9 Zone Face Structure removes weight from key areas around the face and hosel areas to increase the size and speed of the sweet zone for more speed on off center hits
MyFly8 Technology: 8 different Loft/Trajectory Settings
SmartPad Technology delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting

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Cobra Design Lab Takes Customization to a New Level

Cobra Design Lab Takes Customization to a New Level

Post image for Cobra Design Lab Takes Customization to a New Level

We saw what Cobra Golf was capable of when they sent us their wedge entries for #ThePimpList. Now Cobra is bringing that same sort of pimp swagger to the driver, and better still, they’re opening the doors of their new Design Lab to the public; letting you design (and buy) the Cobra driver you’ve always wanted.

And if you’ve never wanted a Cobra driver, this might just change your mind.

Enter to Win YOUR Custom Cobra BiO CELL+
Design Lab Driver – Details Below

What Is the Cobra Design Lab?

“At COBRA Golf, we create high-performing products for golfers who are looking for the ultimate blend of style and performance on the golf course. With the new COBRA Design Lab, golfers now have the opportunity to showcase their personality through color and unique designs while still outdriving their competition with their BiO CELL+ Driver.” – Jose Miraflor, Director of Product Marketing, COBRA-PUMA Golf

BiO Cell+ Design Lab-4

Simply put, Design Lab is the industry’s new gold standard for direct to the consumer driver customization.

What the hell does that even mean?

Are you familiar with Callaway’s UDesign? Cobra’s Design Lab is like that…only positively steroidal.

You pick your base head color (black or white).

You pick your crown color (8 different colors to choose from).

And then you pick your crown pattern.


Crown pattern? Say what?

That’s right, Cobra has created 4 distinct crown patterns that will further set your customized BiO Cell+ apart from the pack.


Why shouldn’t a driver have a marbled finish? Don’t answer that. The point is I like it, and so I ordered mine in an awesome marbled finish.


BiO Cell

Already like the cell finish on the BiO Cell and BiO Cell+? By all means, add it to your custom job. There are other ways to make your BiO Cell+ totally your own.


Digital Camo

It’s like camouflage only digital. It’s a bit more subtle than marble, but not nearly as safe as matte.



And for those of you who like to keep it simple, Cobra is offering a plain ol’, boring matte option. I’m sure it looks great, but man…you could have marbled, or digital camo instead. To each his own right?



Just so you aren’t unpleasantly surprised, not every color is available with every pattern. For example, Cobra didn’t think that orange paired well with the marbled finish. So rather than disappoint you with an ugly driver, they removed the options that they felt didn’t work. I hear Rickie is distraught. No I didn’t. I made that up. Sorry.

But wait there’s more. . .


Because this is truly a custom offering, Cobra allows you to choose your grip (between sizes, models, and colors, you have 36 options), and your shaft (by my count, between weights and colors, Cobra offers 58 different shafts). One of the really cool things that Cobra did is take work with Matrix to create custom colored versions of the 6Q3 shaft that is stock on the BiO Cell+. In addition to the white Q3 that Matrix created just for BiO Cell+, through Design Lab, the Q3 is also available in black, blue, light blue, green, orange, silver, yellow, and red. A red tie, in blue? Yup…that’s happening.

Additional shafts from Matrix, Oban, Graphite Design, Fujikura and others are also available. While the Diamana D+ and Project X PXV are free upgrades, most shafts do have an associated upcharge, but $150 appears to be the max hit you’re going to take, which is considerably better than many other OEM upgrade prices.


In addition to shaft flex, Design Lab allows you to specify the length at which you’d like to play your driver, additional wraps of tape of under the grip, and there’s even a Special Instruction box which is there for you to say things like “please align the shaft graphics on my awesome new driver to the 9.5 Draw° setting”.

Cobra Design Lab Drivers start at $449, and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t push the price above $604.

For now Design Lab is limited to BiO Cell+ Drivers only, but if this takes off, you never know…Cobra might offer BiO Cell and BiO Cell Pro drivers through Design Lab as well.

Design and Win (maybe) Your Own Cobra BiO Cell+ Driver


Cobra is giving two lucky MyGolfSpy readers the chance to win your very own custom Design Lab Driver. Feel free to use my design (above) for inspiration. Go nuts guys, this is cool.

How To Enter

1. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for the MyGolfSpy Newsletter. You can’t win if you’re not subscribed.

2. Visit the Cobra Design Lab, design your BiO Cell+ driver, leave a comment that includes:

:: Your head color
:: Your crown color
:: Your crown pattern
:: Your shaft choice

Feel free to include your grip choice, playing length and other details, but they’re not required (and you don’t get bonus points).

2 winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries.

Contest Rules

1. Contest ends Friday, May 30th at 8:00PM Eastern Time. Entries posted after that time will be disregarded.
2. Limit 1 Entry Per Person.
3. Winner will be chosen at random from qualified entries. Decision is final, and 100% at our discretion.
4. Sorry, Open to US Residents Only.

BiO Cell+ Design Lab-2

BiO Cell+ Design Lab-3 BiO Cell+ Design Lab-6 BiO Cell+ Design Lab-8 BiO Cell+ Design Lab-5 BiO Cell+ Design Lab-10 BiO Cell+ Design Lab-9
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SPY PICS! – Cobra “Shikon” Concept Irons

SPY PICS! – Cobra “Shikon” Concept Irons

Post image for SPY PICS! – Cobra “Shikon” Concept Irons

File these away under You Never Know.

These concept drawings of what’s been labeled as Cobra Shikon irons were posted to a popular design site earlier this week. As is usually the case, we don’t know the whole story behind the design.

These could simply be random ideations. They could be two among several designs for products that will never see the light of day. Or…they could provide a glimpse of what’s to come.

What we can infer from the drawings is that they were done for Cobra’s Japanese division. There aren’t any Japan-exclusive products in the Cobra lineup (shaft graphics differ a bit, but that’s most of the story), and there haven’t been in a while. You could certainly argue that Cobra is past due on creating something unique for what is most certainly a very different market.

A quick step through Google’s translator reveals that Shikon can either mean bluish purple or fang. Given the context, let’s go ahead and assume it’s the latter.

Cobra Japan Shikon (Fang) Forged Irons


The first of the Shikon designs has a very player-centric look. If we consider it in terms of Cobra’s current lineup, I’d slot it between the AMP Cell Pro, and the BiO Cell+. The sole is relatively narrow, graphics (which include a shiny gold fang…see what they did there?) are relatively subtle (as subtle as a gold fang can be).

While maybe the color isn’t my favorite, it’s a design I actually like quite a bit.


The second Shikon design reminds me a bit of the AMP Forged. It looks to have a slightly more game-improvement slant than the first, and looks like it would fit between the current BiO Cell and BiO Cell+irons.

It’s just a drawing, so it’s impossible to know how the irons would actually be constructed, but given how Cobra is currently using Tungsten weighting in the BiO Cell, it’s possible that those lighter areas near the sole (where the 7 is stamped) might be made of a denser material like Tungsten. If you look them just right, those same two areas look a little bit like fangs, I suppose.

What Do You Think?

What do you think of these designs? Are these anything you’d like to see come to life, or are the ideas better left on balled up pieces of paper?

Would the Shikon iron change your perception of Cobra Golf?

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Cobra BiO Cell Irons – A MyGolfSpy Community Review

Cobra BiO Cell Irons – A MyGolfSpy Community Review

Post image for Cobra BiO Cell Irons – A MyGolfSpy Community Review

Our Members Review Gear – You Could Be Next

MyGolfSpy forum members are frequently given the opportunity to test new products from golf companies of all sizes. Over the last few seasons, our community members have tested every club in the bag, shafts, gadgets, apps, etc.. You name it, our forum members have reviewed it. We are consistently impressed by how thorough and detailed the reviews our member produce are.

I mean…they’re good, and honest, and often pretty damn entertaining, and so we’ve decided to start sharing some of them right here on the front page for those of you who for whatever reason don’t find your way into our forum on a regular basis.

We receive forum review requests on a fairly regular basis, and we expect that as we continue to grow more and more companies will come to us asking for your feedback on their products. My point is, if you haven’t done so already, now is a great time to join our friendly and growing community.

Join the MyGolfSpy Forum Now

Cobra BiO Cell Iron Review

Written by: John Barry
Photos by: John Barry, Bradley Clark, and Foster Attebery

The snow keeps coming, the rain, the winds, but when will Spring arrive? Soon I hope, as the courses are calling for their dose of my golf ball distribution program that I like to call my golf game!

Now nothing says Spring Golf like new clubs, and I have the honor of being a tester for the Cobra Bio Cell Irons. Now the name Cobra Golf, to me, inspires bold colors and patterns, prowling the fairways and greens, standing out and playing with swagger, all of which appeals to me.



Short Iron Performance

Accuracy – I hit my targets! I hit my targets! Please note that with my game, the shorter the better and the accuracy of these clubs are a perfect fit for me. I seem to hit my #8 and PW more than any clubs in my bag, and I love these.

Distance – With a game improvement iron, I found in general my distance to be off about 5 yards, but with my money sticks (my short irons) I would say less than 2 yards.

Trajectory Characteristics – The ball flight tends to be a bit higher than my current irons and they are easy to get into the air.

Forgiveness – When I mis-hit these irons, which is less often than the others, it’s stays in play and never seems to be more than 10 yards off line, unless the dreaded snap hook enters play.

Control – When I approach a shot, I aim dead center of where I want to go. I do not have the ability to move it right to left, and have some repeatable ability to move it left to right. I can still achieve this with the Cobra Bio Cell Irons. Getting them up in the air or keeping them lower in the wind, check, very doable with these.

Short Iron Score: 95


Mid Iron Performance

Accuracy – My mid-irons, my current or the BiO Cells, tend to be a lot more offline than my short irons. This being said, I find these to be no more than 15 yards off line on average. That may seem high to others, but for me, that’s between the trees and not in the water.

Distance – They are about 5 yards shorter than my current clubs.

Trajectory Characteristics – The ball soars into the air for me, great height and the flight path I would expect from an iron I want in my bag.

Forgiveness – This is where the Cobra BiO Cell irons really excelled for me. I hit bad, not solid shots all the time, and my current irons really punish me. Now my friends marvel that even when it looks ugly, I am not searching for 45 minutes to find my ball! This maybe the most forgiving iron I have ever played.

Control – I can launch my ball up, keep it low if have to and keep it towards the middle of the course. This is all that I ask of my irons, and the Cobra Bio Cell delivers like MyGolfSpy does!

Mid Iron Score: 96


Long Iron Performance

Accuracy –I normally only play Hybrids for the long irons, so this was a study in futility. The first couple days out on the range, they were just like my current irons, in the woods or the parking lot. I did improve my accuracy with the BiO Cells, but not enough for me to feel comfortable playing them daily. Fortunately for those who prefer hybrids, the Cobra BiO Cells are also available in a hybrid iron set.

Distance – My long irons are never long, they are like less accurate mid-irons for me. I would say in general, they are 5-7 yards shorter than my CB2s.

Trajectory Characteristics – When I did pure them, the height of the long irons was great, even better than my hybrids. There could be some practice potential here.

Forgiveness – As 50% of my long iron swings are mis-hits, I have to say, they are not as bad or dangerous as my current irons.

Control – My control with long irons is like a Kardashian at a thong shop, zero! This will be for the follow up review as I continue to hit them on the range and try and improve with long irons in general.

Long Iron Score: 80


Performance Notes

The Cobra Bio Cells are a game improvement set that gets you to the course in style, keeps you in play, and will help you become a better golfer. As a set of clubs, there really isn’t more you can ask for in irons. They have looks, they perform and they improve as advertised.

Total Performance Score: 90


The Subjective Stuff


General shape: They are kind of futuristic in over all shape, but follow the current trend, shape wise, for today’s game improvement irons.

Topline: The topline is not skinny, nor is it so huge that it will distract you, it’s just average.

Offset: There is a decent amount of offset, as expected for a game improvement iron.

Graphics: Cool, stylish, pink (or most any other color you might like), fun, playful and naughty all at once, kind of like yours truly!

Unique Details: A unique cavity back with weighting in different sports depending on the degree of the iron.

This iron is stylish, yet not classic, and being classic is not always a good thing. The game improvement category is crowded and BiO Cell can set itself apart because of the colors you can order the irons in. Really makes them feel like a customized club than an off the rack set.

Looks Score: 85


Sound and Feel

The irons have a solid but dull, thud to them when you strike them fully or off center a bit. This is not a bad sound at all, as irons should be seen and not heard! The feel is pretty close from the center and outwards like most game improvement irons. It’s consistent across short, middle, and long irons.

Why buy these clubs? Because you’re sick of losing a dozen or more balls a round. You want an iron that keeps you in play that lets you play the game out of the woods and be tick free. You buy these because Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever stinks to have during golf season! You buy these irons because you’re wearing a great pair of pants, and who wants to ruin them in the water or the mud?

Sound and Feel Score: 82


Likelihood of Purchase (LOP)

How likely would you be to purchase this iron? This is an iron I would buy, especially after maybe demoing them. They may not thrill you like a forged iron would at the store, but they more than make up for it on the course and the Middle of the fairway! I would buy 2!

LOP Score: 100


Subjective Notes

The Cobra BiO Cell Irons lures you in with an array of colors. It puts you under its spell with accurate shots and it takes you home with better scores and a much more positive feel for the game. There will come a time when you have shaved that handicap down, your working balls left and right, you’re down the middle of the fairway all the time. Until then, this is the set of irons for you, well at least me!

Total Subjective Score: 89



A great man once said, “it’s not how you play the game, but how you look playing it!” that great man shall remain nameless, since he loves great looking golf clothes and would rather drink beer on the course and have a great time with his friends. Golf is a social game, it’s meant to be enjoyed, not micro managed and over analyzed!

Visually, this club looks like what it is, a game improvement club, but it retains the style that makes me wish Rickie Fowler would wear the clothes I wear!

A top line that is not super thin, but neither is it distracting. A cavity back with different colors to make you stand out on the course, like my Pink Clubs! Mid-sized grips for my huge hands and huge style, stiff shafts for my over swinging approach and an out of the box fit, since I seem to be an average in only club fitting.

From range to course, throwing out my dead miss, a brutal hook that would make Smoking Joe Frazier proud, result were pretty uniform. The Bio Cells were about 5 yards shorter than my Adam’s CB2s, but I expected a slight drop off in distance. This was more than made up by my shots being way less off line, even on misses. I also noticed a much higher launch angle.

Feedback was a bit muted, but again, this is a game improvement club, and I couldn’t do much with a lot of club feedback anyway. I want to hit straight, I will do anything to hit it straight, and losing a few yards is a price I am more than willing to pay.

The Short and Mid-Irons are all an improvement accuracy wise for me. The feel is solid when I flush them, and still pretty solid and hard to notice when I don’t flush them. I can actually feel them working me towards the center of the fairway or the green. The Long Irons, which I do not play currently, were as expected, more erratic. Really with me, the longer the shaft, the worst I seem to do. I will be keeping my 3, 4, 5 hybrids.

The Cobra BiO Cell Irons when combined with my sense of style, rakish wit, and terrible game, are a perfect match. These clubs are going into my bag; yes they are my bag baby!

Total Score: 89.5


At the end of each forum review we ask our members to answer 5 very simple questions. We call it “The Five”. Clever right?  This is what John Barry had to say about the Cobra BiO Cell Irons.

The Five

Will this iron go in your bag?. Why or Why Not?  

It’s in my bag baby!  Why? Because I can find the ball I actually hit!

To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this iron?

My beer drinking, weekend warriors who want to play and not hunt for their balls all day!

How, if at all, did this iron change your overall impression of Cobra?

 A club that I knew would look great but found out that Cobra likes the everyman player!

What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?

I might find a way to add a little more color and flair, maybe something to match my pants!

What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?

The weighting on different irons and maybe a black finish to set the colors off!


Cobra BiO Cell Irons start at $699 for the traditional iron set with steel shafts. A Hybrid-Iron combo set is available starting at $799.

 Buy Cobra BiO Cell Irons Now

Want to read more reviews of the Cobra BiO Cell Iron from MyGolfSpy Community Members? Check these out: Foz’s Review | Brad’s Review

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Cobra Golf Brand Survey – The Results

Cobra Golf Brand Survey – The Results

Post image for Cobra Golf Brand Survey – The Results

For whatever it’s worth, Cobra is (for me anyway) one of the most intriguing brands in all of golf. Granted, I’m a guy who loves color – and I know that some of you don’t. I’m also a guy who happens to love performance (and I don’t know many of you who don’t), and while they haven’t always fared well in our head to head tests, with just a little bit of tuning Cobra’s products have proven to be some of the most exceptional I’ve ever had in my bag.

Hell, I spent most of last year with a Cobra driver and irons in my  bag. In early fall I added their wedges. And then it snowed and I’ve spent that last several months being miserable, but I digress.

For all the crap you guys give me about being a TaylorMade guy, those who know me best would probably tell you I’m a Cobra-PUMA guy at heart, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why more of you aren’t giving the brand a chance.

Of course, if the moves Cobra has made in the last year – things like bringing in Tom Olsavsky from TaylorMade to head their R&D team, and the rollout of a state of the art new fitting system (that’s selling the capabilities short) – pan out the way I think they will, the future of Cobra could be an exciting one.

You won’t be able to ignore them. My 2 cents…Cobra is one of two brands I think has the most potential for growth in the coming years.

That said, my record at predicting the future is spotty at best, and our survey wasn’t about what the future holds, it’s about what’s happening right here and now.

To that end, here’s what you think about Cobra Golf.

1 - postive differntiate attribute
If you’re Cobra you probably want to be known more for performance than marketing, but both the innovation and performance numbers are solid. From top to bottom this chart really isn’t that different than what we’ve seen in our surveys of other companies. Thus far only Titleist is shown to have created the perception that Quality and Performance are the greatest differentiators. What’s perhaps more telling is the responses from the Other field.

Far and away Color (in one form or another) was the most popular response. Some suggested they like the bold colors. Others…umm…not so much. What it tells us is that, for now anyway, Cobra is inextricably linked with the same colors they feature on the their clubs.

Cobra is color. Color is Cobra.

When Cobra was acquired by PUMA the introduction of color into the lineup was a simple (and effective) way to differentiate themselves from the rest of the industry, while infusing part of the PUMA identity into the Cobra lineup. To achieve wider acceptance (growth) in the market, they’re probably going to need to come back to the middle a bit, and with the reintroduction of black into the lineup, and refinements to PUMA’s golf offerings, we’re starting to see just that.
To a large extent, the responses to this question mirror what you guys wrote in the Other field. The top responses are all image-related. It suggests you see Cobra as a colorful, trendy company that targets a younger demographic. Yeah…I am Captain Obvious.

The good news is that shows that Cobra has emerged from Titleist’s shadow and firmly established its own identity. The bad news is that it’s a somewhat exclusionary identity. We know that there is a segment of golfers who won’t consider products because of the color. We also know that part of that same segment doesn’t believe Cobra is serious about performance.

In that lies the challenge for Cobra Golf. How do you maintain the identity you’ve built while getting your performance message out to the masses?

Performance needs to be at the top of this chart, and while I believe that internally at Cobra it is, convincing the consumer of that is no easy task.
3 - cobra in bag
Just over 53% of you reported that you don’t have a single Cobra club in the bag.

Why the hell not?

While the driver number is solid (somebody is playing Cobra drivers), it’s really the fairway (16.02%), hybrid (18.23%), and iron (18.23%) numbers that stand out. The origins of Cobra trace back to the fairway wood. Actually, the original Baffler was more of a hybrid, but whatever you want to call it, the legacy remains strong.

The irons are almost a curiosity. We’re talking about a company that offers a competitive product for every type of golfer, and more often than not, they do it for less money than any other serious player in golf. What’s the issue here?

As for the wedges…don’t get me started. The new(ish) Tour Trusty is probably the single most underappreciated product on store shelves right now. You owe it to yourself to at least try it.
4 - Cobra Perceptions
This particular question seems to always yield similar results. You definitely want to be seen as improving significantly, and that’s apparently how most of you see Cobra.

Here’s my follow-up question: why? What about Cobra has improved your perception of the brand.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much inclined to agree with you. What I see in terms of corporate structure, the people they’ve brought in, and the things they’re doing with products and services is exceptional, but most of that stuff hasn’t yet trickled down to the consumer.

There is tremendous potential with the brand, but I’m not convinced the last 3 years reflect that. Keep an eye on the next 3.
5 - true of cobra
63.66% of you said Cobra targets a wide-range of golfers. That next biggest chunk (54.41%) is for Invests Heavily in Marketing. You guys always think it’s about the marketing. You guys might be right.

The good news is that between 25%-30% of you said that 1)Product engineering is superior 2)Products are manufactured to tight tolerances and 3)Cobra invests heavily in research and development.

All of the negatives (products are mass-produced and cheaply made, does not respect the game, does not care about custom fitting, etc.) registered fairly low as well.
6 - cobras place
I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Everybody in golf cares about what other companies are doing. All of them. No exceptions.

That said, Cobra is certainly more willing to step out of the box than most, and I probably wouldn’t classify them as either a leader or a follower. They definitely march to their own drummer, the challenge is getting all of you to dance along.

7 - cobra vs. competetors clubs2
We already know that Cobra doesn’t make golf balls or putters. The former is a notorious money pit, while the latter Cobra insists they’ll only tackle if and when they have something of actual consequence to contribute. Basically they’re not going to make a putter just to have a putter.

While nothing really stands out, I suppose there is good news to be gleaned from the perception that some of you (55.44%) think that Cobra’s Metalwoods (drivers, fairways, and hybrids) are slightly better to far superior. It’s also encouraging that 33.26% of you think the same about the irons.

I can’t say this enough…you guys are missing the boat on the new wedges. More than 25% of you believe that Cobra’s wedges are slightly or significantly worse than its competitors. That’s insane. The original Trusty Rusty, with its game-improvement slant, wasn’t for everyone. And perhaps Cobra made a mistake by bringing it back for the sake of nostalgia (and for the sake of being able to offer something in the wedge category), but the new Tour Trusty…it’s totally different, and totally deserving of another look.
8  - cobra vs. concepts
With most companies, the average range (at, or above) is always going to dominate the responses. No surprises here.

Where I think several of you missed the boat is in the value category. Cobra consistently offers products (especially irons) and prices that are often $100-$200 less expensive than others in their class. Look no further than AMP Cell Pro Irons. The going rate for a forged muscleback from Titleist, Mizuno, and others is $999. Cobra offers you an iron that’s comparable in every respect for $799.

We’re not talking Wal-Mart here, we’re talking about a top quality product at a better price. Isn’t that what everyone says they want?

9 - cobra brand health
You guys more or less nailed it here. You’re not going to see any overnight game-changers, but Cobra is a company that’s taking steps to become more of a force in the industry. There’s absolutely no guarantee it’s going to work. I can’t promise you that in 3 years Cobra won’t be worse off than they are today, but I believe they’ve had some exceptional products over the last couple of years, and they’re certainly going to make every reasonable effort to build on those.

Cobra will never be TaylorMade, but it’s not content to be where it is right now either.

11 - do you follow cobra
Move along…probably not much to see here. Basically we’ve found that golfers who follow golf companies are 50%-60% likely to follow any particular brand.
12 why not follow cobra
Among those who do follow golf companies, but don’t follow Cobra, the Not a Fan number (33.33%) is perhaps a little on the low side. The more interesting info comes from the Other box where responses were things like:

“Marketing is annoying to me”
“Can’t follow everyone”
“I don’t think they market to people like me”
“Only follow companies whose equipment is in my bag”

13 - cobra social media engagement
The companies who excel at Social Media are generally the ones who execute a specific plan, and are most active on Social Media. Generally speaking, Cobra is more engaged than many other golf companies, but there’s is a lack of consistency (periods of absence or limited activity), and they don’t always give the impression there’s a cohesive Social Media plan beyond “let’s tweet something”.
14 - cobra social media influence brand perception
While I’m still not certain on the direct impact to the bottom line (see the next question), I do believe that Social Media can have a direct bearing on our perceptions of a company, and while that might not translate directly to sales, it can certainly work against sales.

Maybe I’m alone here, but Social Media efforts rarely improve my perception of any given brand, but poor Social Media, or Social Media that rubs me the wrong way has most certainly negatively impacted the way I view certain brands.

Invisible is better than bad. Fortunately for Cobra, not many of you see their efforts as negatively impacting perceptions.
15 - cobra social media buying decison
For just about every brand we’ve surveyed this result has been largely constant. 60% of you report that Social Media has had no impact on your buying decision. It raises two questions for which I don’t have solid answers.

Is it possible you’re being influenced without realizing it?

Is the 10% or so of the audience that tells us that Social Media has positively influenced the buying decision a big enough number to justify the efforts?

What’d We Miss?

Do you have anything else to add to our conversation about Cobra Golf? We’ve got a comment section below. Feel free to use it.

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Tells Us What You Think! – Cobra Golf Brand Survey

Tells Us What You Think! – Cobra Golf Brand Survey

Post image for Tells Us What You Think! – Cobra Golf Brand Survey

Intro By: Tony Covey

It’s Been While

It’s been over 2 months since we published our Nike Brand Survey, and we still haven’t published the results. Relax…we’re not hiding anything. It’s just that I happen to think the Nike situation deserves  a bit of a deeper drive, and so we’re going to have an entire State of Nike Golf According to Me article up relatively soon.

Patience (extreme patience) people.

Today we’re seeking your feedback on Cobra Golf (we’ll save the PUMA part for later).

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. For the all the accusations that get thrown around (at one time or another I’ve apparently been in bed with nearly everyone in the golf industry), I actually do approach everything I write without bias. But if you asked anybody who knows me (and plays golf with me), they might tell you that I have a certain fondness for Cobra PUMA products. What can I say? I love their color…and their vibe. And it doesn’t hurt that their gear, while probably underappreciated, is really, really good.

My 2 cents…the Tour Trusty’s “Silver Medal” was the single biggest travesty on this year’s “Hot” List. I’m not going to let this go. It’s a seriously huge oversight.

I’m also fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with the Cobra Golf team. You’ll have to take me at my word when I tell you that they’re not only some of the most fun, they’re some of the smartest people you’ll find in the golf industry.

With all of that said, it doesn’t actually matter what I think. It’s all about what you think. So you tell us… What do you really think about Cobra Golf? How do you think their products stack up against the rest of the industry’s?

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ICYMI – SLDR MINI Driver, Cobra Goes Green in Major Way…and other stuff too

ICYMI – SLDR MINI Driver, Cobra Goes Green in Major Way…and other stuff too

Post image for ICYMI – SLDR MINI Driver, Cobra Goes Green in Major Way…and other stuff too

Too much internet to keep up with throughout the week? Well have no fear… Sit back, relax, daddy’s going to catch you up on everything you may have missed. It’s time for another star studded edition of ICYMI. That’s “In case you missed it” for those of you still unable to use Google search or had your wife put the shortcut on your phone to go straight to our blog. So sticking with the internet lingos, it’s time to get “Very Excite!”.


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You read this far?

Well then, without further ado and while some of our members are having a MGS meet up in TEXAS it’s another edition of: MYGOLFSPY ICYMI.

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FIRST LOOK – Cobra BiO Cell and BiO Cell +

FIRST LOOK – Cobra BiO Cell and BiO Cell +

Post image for FIRST LOOK – Cobra BiO Cell and BiO Cell +

“We take on anybody else’s club head to head, and more often not, we think we’re going to win” – Every Golf Company

Seriously, I’ve heard some variation of that statement from just about every golf company I’ve ever spoken with. Woods or irons, it doesn’t matter; everybody is all but certain their creations are the best.

It’s a belief that’s next to impossible to prove or disprove.

Everything fits somebody, and what fits my 107 MPH, negative angle of attack, angry chop of a swing may not fit your graceful, controlled, 3 degrees up swing.

What I’ve come to believe is that once you get past all of the tech speak, and the marketing, and all of that ancillary ‘stuff’, what really separates the companies on top of the golf world from those climbing to get there is simply a matter of discussion.

TaylorMade, Callaway, Titliest… for a majority of golfers, these companies are in the discussion. When golfers are thinking about where to spend money on drivers, and fairways, and wedges, and whatever else; these are the companies throw around when they have those mental conversations with themselves over what to buy next.

What does any of this have to do with Cobra and BiO Cell?

Bear with me…as always, I’m going somewhere with this…and by now you should know it sometimes takes me a while to get there.

Here’s my point. Cobra wants in the discussion. Whether theirs is the first club in, or the 3rd club in the bay behind TaylorMade and Callaway, all Cobra really wants is to be in the discussion.

If you’re in the discussion, you get the chance to compete, and yeah, you betcha, Cobra’s no different than anybody else:

If you give Cobra the chance to compete, they think they’re going to win.

So with all of that said (and none of it about BiO Cell yet), I want you to ask yourself this question:

Do I like what I hear? Do I like what I see? Does this package of products put Cobra in the discussion?

If it doesn’t, I’d be interested to hear why it doesn’t…and I’m certain the team at Cobra would be as well.

BiO Cell Driver

As you can probably piece together all on your own, BiO Cell is the direct replacement for last season’s AMP Cell Pro.

As you might expect, there are some subtle performance tweaks. Cobra thinned out the crown just a bit which allowed them to move the center of gravity lower. The result is a driver that launches a bit higher, and spins less (~300 RPM) than AMP Cell.

As with AMP Cell, Cobra is using their MyFly technology (updated to MyFly8) to allow for the entire range of lofts to be reached in a single head. The new hosel allows for BiO Cell to be configured from 9.0 degrees to 12 degrees in 1 degree increments. In addition to the 10.5 draw setting from last year, this year’s model adds draw settings at 9.5 and 11.5 degrees. In case you haven’t pieced it together, that’s 8 unique settings.

While Cobra would like to keep the discussion focused on performance, most of you will no doubt notice that Cobra has added a semi-traditional black option to the color lineup.




 Technology that Shows

We’ve talked in the past about how a segment of golfers really likes to see the technology that’s baked into their clubs. For the right audience, visible technology can be tremendously appealing.

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that Cobra would show off the crown’s cell structure on the rear of the crown. Even if golfers don’t know what it is, or what it does, it looks cool. In a $299, it makes perfect sense.

And that brings me to…

BiO Cell+

I’ve said it before, while golf companies will tell you that everything they make is special. They won’t say it out loud, but they also believe that some products are more special than others.

I think it’s fair to say that in my admittedly limited time covering golf, I’ve never seen Cobra more excited about any single product than they are about BiO Cell+ driver.

While the name suggests it’s an extension of the AMP family, the 440cc BiO Cell+ is actually more ZL than AMP- and I think that’s going to make a lot of Cobra fans excited too.

While the R&D that went into BiO Cell+ was extensive, the Cliff Notes version of BiO Cell+ performance reads like this:

Through the use of an alloy they call Venollum, Cobra was able to further reduce crown weight (compared to Bio Cell), which produces a lower launch angle (nearly a degree) and less spin (+/- 200RPM) than the standard BiO Cell model.

Because Cobra was able to place the CG closer to the neutral axis, and farther back than some competitor’s products, they were able to achieve the desired launch conditions, without the MOI sacrifice of TaylorMade’s SLDR for example.

With BiO Cell+, Cobra is telling us that you don’t have to give up forgiveness for distance.



Cobra BIO Cell-13
Cobra BIO Cell-12

Questionable Aesthetics

Unfortunately they’re also telling us that we’re going to need to be comfortable looking at a less than traditional crown design. In the interest of visible technology, I suppose, Cobra has chosen to surround their colorful (or black) Venollum crown-piece with a high gloss white perimeter.

Cobra’s known for being bold, and to an extent taking risks with their designs…or at least their use of color, but my gut tells me they may have misjudged their target demographic’s receptiveness to bold aesthetics and visible technology.

The design is over the top to the extent that I believe it’s going to have a polarizing effect on their potential market. When you’re already in the discussion, you can get away with that, but when you’re grinding to be part of the conversation, alienating any percentage of the market is risky.

My 2 cents here…I don’t love it. I don’t hate it, and no doubt if the driver performs like they say, I could get used to it in a hurry, but for me Cobra is already in the discussion.

For the better players who aren’t thinking about Cobra, aren’t discussing Cobra, and aren’t giving Cobra the chance to compete on performance, I don’t believe that over-emphasizing visible technology in your premium driver offering is going to do much to convert them.

That said, I hope I’m wrong. I played AMP Cell Pro for the better part of this season. Performance isn’t an issue with Cobra.

Tour adoption of BiO Cell+ has been quick. Rickie Fowler has played the new driver, and Jonas Blixt told me it took him less than a day to get comfortable enough with BiO Cell+ to ditch his ZL (it took him weeks to make the switch last time around).

The larger issue for Cobra is convincing more golfers that there’s some substance behind all the color. For that to happen, Cobra may need to deemphasize color, and take a slightly more traditional route (still true to the Cobra brand) with their better player offerings.

Like BiO Cell, BiO Cell+ features an all-lofts-in-one-head design. The updated MyFly hosel allows loft to be adjusted from 8 degrees to 11 degrees. Gone is last year’s fade setting (Cobra discovered almost no one used it). Replacing it are draw settings at 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 degrees

Fairways and Hybrids Too

As with any good lineup, BiO Cell technology is available in fairways and hybrids as well.

With hybrids raw distance is less of an issue. It’s more about finding something that offers the desired look and feel.

From there it becomes a matter of gapping. Cobra makes that easy by offering a selection of adjustable loft (2-3, 3-4, and 4-5) hybrids (and fairways) that basically ensure you can hit any distance within your range.

With fairways we could talk about face construction, launch conditions, and ball speed, but the big picture takeaway is that you won’t lose yards playing a Cobra fairway.

The fairway wood market has been insanely distance driven and hyper-competitive the last couple of seasons. 17 yards, 10 more yards, 13 more yards…lots and lots of yards have been offered up.

While Cobra doesn’t really engage in distance-based marketing to the extent many of their competitors do, what they’ll tell you is that they’ve bridged the distance gap, and BiO Cell fairway is every bit as long as anybody else’s fairway.

I really like what Cobra’s done with the shaping of both the fairway and rescue. Both hit the sweet spot between too much bulk, an too much intimidation.

Throw in the same color selection (both hybrids and fairways) as the drivers, mix in Cobra’s gapping options, and you’ve got a fairway hybrid combo that’s well worth a look.

Cobra BIO Cell-7


Cobra BIO Cell-6
Cobra BIO Cell-8

BiO Cell Irons

Rounding out the BiO Cell family are the new BiO Cell irons. The new irons replace last year’s AMP Cell product. And while in that sense, BiO Cell can be seen as the natural evolution of the franchise; the reality is that BiO Cell bares little resemblance to what came before it.

With BiO Cell Cobra is chasing the ultimate blend of distance and forgiveness. Over the last couple of years the game-improvement category has, for better or worse, evolved into the distance iron category.

While forgiveness remains part of the discussion, if you’re not competing on distance too, you’re not competing. So while once again Cobra isn’t promising that their irons will give you 10 more yards, they’re extremely confident that they can match anybody else in the industry yard for yard.

The key to distance is, as it is for many others, an undercut channel cavity with a largely unsupported face. And yes…lofts are non-traditional, but with a 45 degree pitching wedge, Cobra’s pretty much right with most everybody else.

It ain’t no thing.

The forgiveness in the design comes from (as it almost always does) perimeter weighting.  Cobra has placed a relatively massive amount of tungsten (10 grams each) in the heel and toe to help maintain distance and control when you don’t quite hit the sweet spot.

Noteworthy perhaps is that in the short irons are constructed from a softer steel, and the tungsten weights have been placed in a more central position. The goal is to create more feel, and better control in the scoring irons. Whether or not that creates any weirdness in the set with one club not feeling quite like the next remains to be seen.

Early response to the aesthetics of the BiO Cell irons hasn’t been kind. They’re certainly bulkier than a good bit of what’s in the market today. In general game-improvement designs have gotten smaller, while BiO Cell looks like a bit of a throwback.

Sitting on the shelf next to JPX-EZ, SpeedBlade, and X2 Hot, getting into that discussion with one of the more unusual aesthetics could prove challenging. We have no doubt the performance will be there, and Cobra is always competitive on price (often the best bang for the buck).

Will golfers buy into the unusual look? Of that I’m less sure.

Cobra BIO Cell-4-2


Cobra BIO Cell-11
Cobra BIO Cell-5-2
Cobra BIO Cell-1-2

Pricing and Availability

The COBRA BiO CELL Driver ($299) features a Project X – PXv shaft and is available in RH and LH models in x-stiff, stiff, regular and lite flexes featuring MyFly8TM, providing golfers with loft settings from 9.0° to 12.0°.  The BiO CELL Driver features a Lamkin – R.E.L. 3GEN 360 grip.

The COBRA BiO CELL+ Driver ($399) features a Matrix 6Q3 Red Tie (Same as aftermarket version with custom white Cobra graphics) shaft and is available in RH and LH models in x-stiff, stiff, regular flexes featuring MyFly8TM, providing golfers with loft settings from 8.0° to 11.0°.  The BiO CELL+ Driver features a Lamkin – R.E.L. 3GEN 360 grip.

The COBRA BiO CELL Fairway ($219) features a Project X – PXv shaft and comes in two models, both featuring MyFly8. The 3-4 Wood (13°, 13.5°,13.5°D, 14.5°, 14.5°D, 15.5°, 15.5°D and 16°) and 5-7 Wood (17°, 17.5°, 17.5°D, 18.5°, 18.5°D, 19.5°, 19.5°D and 20°) are available in x-stiff, stiff, regular and lite flexes in both RH and LH. The BiO CELL Fairway features a Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN 360 grip.

The COBRA BiO CELL Hybrid ($189) features a COBRA BiO CELL shaft and comes in three models featuring MyFly8. The 2-3H (16°, 16.5°,16.5°D, 17.5°, 17.5°D, 18.5°, 18.5°D and 19°), 3-4H (19°, 19.5°, 19.5°D, 20.5°, 20.5°D, 21.5°, 21.5°D and 22°) and the 4-5H (22°, 22.5°, 22.5°D, 23.5°, 23.5°D, 24.5°, 24.5°D and 25°) are available in x-stiff, stiff, regular and lite flexes in both RH and LH. The BiO CELL Hybrid features a Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN 360 grip.

The COBRA BiO CELL Iron Set ($699) features a True Temper Dynalite 85 shaft shaft and is available in stiff and regular flex in 3-LW in RH models and 3-SW in LH models. The BiO CELL Irons feature a Lamkin – R.E.L. 3GEN grip.

Graphite irons are available through custom order and feature a COBRA BiO CELL shaft in stiff, regular or lite flexes.

The COBRA BiO CELL Irons Combo Set ($799 Steel Irons, Graphite Hybrids) (MAP: $899, all graphite) features a True Temper Dynalite 85 shaft in steel models and a COBRA BiO CELL in graphite models. The stock set composition is 3-4H, 4-5H, 5-PW. The COBRA BiO CELL Irons Combo Set features BiO CELL Hybrids with MyFly8 so golfers can optimize yardage gaps. The BiO CELL Driver, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons will be available at retail on January 15th, 2014. To find an authorized COBRA dealer near you, visit

The BiO CELL Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons will be available at retail on January 15th,

Tell Us What You Think

So…the big question…what do you think of the Cobra BiO Cell Lineup. What do you like? What don’t you like? And most importantly, with these 2014 offerings, has Cobra made any progress towards convincing you they should be part of your buying conversation?

Cobra BIO Cell-9
Cobra BIO Cell-12
Cobra BIO Cell-3-2
Cobra BIO Cell-2-2
Cobra BIO Cell-1-3
Cobra BIO Cell-2
Cobra BIO Cell-3
Cobra BIO Cell-4



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