So how does a golf fundamental form? It starts with a theory that cannot be proven false. Rest assured there are a lot of ideas about the golf swing, but can those ideas truly become a fundamental? So let’s stick to the definition of a fundamental. A fundamental is a critical action in the golf swing that cannot be disputed and without this critical action, the golf swing would fail.

There are a lot of instructions of what to do with the golf swing, but not a lot of how to do the golf swing. And lesser still is why? For this reason, I have chosen to teach the fundamentals to include the how and why of each fundamental, to better understand and simplify the learning process.

“What “- To establish a target line; visualize a straight line from your ball to your intended target. Sound familiar?

This is about all the instruction a golfer gets nowadays concerning a target line. The golfer is left trying to visualize or interpret what to do with this information on his or her own. I will explain it this way.

“How “– Let’s start with the irons. Irons have grooves on the face of each club. The outer edges of each groove collectively will make a straight line perpendicular to each groove line. These 2 outer lines of the club face are called score lines (fig. A). These score lines should parallel the visual line to target.

Visualizing a straight line to target begins at the club face, not at your golf ball. This action will establish that the face of the club is pointed to your actual target. In Driver and fairway clubs, establishing the face to the target is different because these clubs, even if they had score lines, you wouldn’t be able to see them, due to minimum loft on the face. The visual cue is to use the top front edge of the club and place it perpendicular to the target line. This assures that the face of the club is pointed to the actual target (fig. B). Simply stated, the score lines (irons) and top front edge (Driver, fairway clubs and hybrids) is being used to establish a straight line to target. Okay, let’s go a bit further.

“Why” – Since we now have a correctly established target line, we must now use this information to establish our bodies in the correct alignment towards our target. The golfer will develop a flaw in the swing trying to correct the direction of their ball flight if they are unsure of body alignment to target. A toe line is born.

A correct golf swing is useless if our bodies are not properly aligned to the target.

“What” – A toe line is exactly what it means. The toes of your feet should be touching a parallel line from the target line. The distance between the two parallel lines depends on the length of club being used. If your club head is resting on the far rail of railroad tracks (target line), and your feet on the near rail (toe line), you would now be properly aligned to your target (fig. C).