Paula Creamer’s-Drill for your distance speed on putts

If you are having trouble with your distance speed on putts, here’s a good putting drill that Paula Creamer uses that is easy to use and understand.

To cut strokes from your scores, you really do have to stop three-putting. The key to getting even very long putts down in two is speed control. If your speed is good, both on the first putt and the (hopefully) short follow-up, you’ll walk away with a save.

Paula Creamer: When I set up to any putt, I focus on the target, not down at the ball, to help me judge the distance speed on putts. I take practice strokes looking at the hole to get a feel for the stroke length I need, especially on long putts, and I track

the line with my eyes. On the short ones, I visualize where I want the ball to enter the cup, like right-center for a right-to-left breaker. The break totally depends on the speed you hit the putt. Here are two speed drills (below) I use a lot.

paula-creamer-putting1                  paula-creamer-putting2

LAG-PUTT DRILL-STOPPING POWER Set up two tees two feet apart, and putt uphill to them from 25 feet. Once you get three balls in a row to stop between the tees–or two out of three for starters–switch to a downhill putt of the same length, then side-hill. If I hit one outside the tees, I start over. It adds a little pressure.

SHORT-PUTT DRILL-KEEP THE CLUB LOW To avoid pulling up on short putts and hitting them weakly, I practice putting with only my right hand while my left hangs straight down. Trying to swing under my left arm like this helps me stay down and keeps the club-head low to the ground.

This ensures good contact and predictable distance speed on putts.