bookcoverHave you ever wondered why the results from golf lessons on the driving range are so good and yet, when playing on the golf course, the swing  feels  totally different  and the results are bad?

It has always been a mystery to me why practice on the driving range rarely translates to success on the golf course.  Hi, my name is Patrick and I am a Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) class A teaching pro in Southern California.  For many years I have taught my students the presumed applied techniques in golf and my students were not finding success.  I practically quit teaching because I thought I was a terrible teacher.  I finally realized that over the years, I was misinformed about golf techniques and  golf swings, which you can read in golf literature everyday; and it is misleading the golfing public.

Golf swing styles that look good may work for a little while, but then fall apart under pressure.  I have found the proper fundamentals in golf that will help you practice better and translate great scores onto the golf course.  I am absolutely positive if I had known these fundamentals when I was younger, my playing career would have taken a very different path.  My golf game has improved greatly with this new knowledge of golf fundamentals.  The best news about this new knowledge is that whatever swing methodology or philosophy you are currently using, will not have to change and this knowledge can be incorporated into your current swing.  First and foremost is understanding what and how a  parameter line works in the golf swing. With this knowledge you can hook/slice the golf ball on command with any type of swing methodology: one plane, two plane, stack-n-tilt, golfing machine, and many others.

To be a good instructor one must be able to communicate a single task or thought process in at least 3 different ways that will achieve the same desired result. Every student learns differently and at least one of the thought processes will connect with the student.  Being able to communicate in this manner will not only achieve desired results, but create more fun and confidence in the student because he/she will learn at a faster rate.  The student will achieve less time at the lesson tee and more time at the golf course, not vice versa.   It’s like an assembly line at a car factory, it starts with lots of parts and in the end you have a finished product.  If the car doesn’t pass quality assurance; it’s likely broken and needs to be fixed.   The occasional oil change and tune up is what we all hope for in our cars.  The same goes for our golf game.

I will discuss the full swing, short game, and putting in a way that will make the lessons easy to understand.  Enjoy your reading with the golf lessons and I am positive your game will improve.

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