Get your golf clubs fitted for maximum performance

lie angleAs a PGA professional, the area of expertise in club fitting to your students and customers is where you should shine. Golf clubs fitted for maximum performance is one part of the golf business  that provides the PGA professional to show off their full knowledge in the club fitting process.


Shaft flexThe professional should stress the importance of getting the golf clubs fitted for maximum performance.

It’s exciting to see your student or customer’s face during the process of club fitting.  The pure enjoyment of knowing that your clubs will be fitted to your own specifications is priceless.

As a club fitter, the first step that I take is to make sure I have all the equipment necessary to complete a club fitting.  Grips, weights, functioning loft and lie machine, cameras, and impact tape.  Once I am sure I have what I need, I follow my check list that works very well for selling products and gaining new students.

My check list starts with anticipating and formulating a plan of what the customer is going to want. If a customer comes in with Titleist equipment from head to toe, then odds are that person wants Titleist equipment for fitting.  In addition, they may think they want ‘brand A’, but use my knowledge and expertise to explain why ‘brand B’ might be a better fit.

Check list continues with listening first, then offer second.  Most of the time the customer will tell you exactly what they want.  I make suggestions and build my case of what I think will help them the most, but always allow the customer to make the final decision.  A satisfied customer is a returning customer.

Dependant on the customer’s talents, an important crossroad as a fitter is the question, do I fit for the future or for the short-term?  Selling a product for a short-term fix, or providing a long-term solution must be considered with proper judgement. Explain the advantage of a few lessons, and then bring them back to fit their new and improved swing.

Finally, I make sure that I follow-up with the customer and make sure that he/she is satisfied or has questions with the golf clubs fitted for maximum performance.

This needs to be addressed and corrected immediately.  I make sure that I give them my business card and set an appointment in the near future to access the results and fine tune any adjustments that are necessary.

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