Create feel on chip shots and transition to the downswing

transition to the downswingI want to talk about two issues that my students question me the most regarding the golf swing; first, creation of feel on chip shots and second, transition to the downswing.

Most golfers have a very hard time in creating feel on chip shots, but the main reason for this is the technique used in chipping is adversely hindering that process.  What I mean is that if you’re right handed, the right hand will dominate the left hand on impact which will cause a flip action on the club shaft and create a thin or skull chip shot.  For proper technique, one must maintain the wrist hinge of the right hand through the chip shot, thus creating a consistent contact on the club face which will translate to feel of the chip shot. Practice this and you find that the basic fundamental of keeping the shaft lean forward on impact will happen automatically. This thought process should also be included during the full swing.  You will hit more consistent golf shots.

The second question asked by my students is – How do I start the downswing or what is the sequence in starting the downswing? Ben Hogan said it best, the completion of the backswing never stops or pauses to begin the downswing because the lower body continues to move toward the target during the downswing and follow through. Simply put, when you near the top of your backswing, the lower body should begin its move towards the target, i.e. feel like you are starting your lower body turn towards the target before you complete the backswing.  Yea I know, it’s going to feel very strange at first, but it works very well in helping you find the slot during transition to the downswing.

Look at all the professionals on YouTube, and you can actually see the lower body moving towards the target just before the transition to the downswing begins.

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