Two Golf Techniques in Finding “the slot” Position

Mitchell’s explanation of  “the slot” is correct, but what I want to show you is a different approach to the same idea of what Mitchell is talking about.  My version of “the slot” concept is called a “parameter line“. <—-click to see graph

The two golf techniques between Mitchell and myself are different ways of teaching students in getting the same result.  You make the determination of which approach to “the slot” best suits you in understanding the concepts.

His golf techniques:

@ 1:00, Mitchell talks about the right elbow being close to the side of the body with a delayed wrist cock on the downswing. This creates the proper shaft or swing plane into the golf ball. He goes on further in the video showing you drills to make this happen. The drills will get you into the right positions, but the problem is that you really don’t swing like that on the golf course.  The feel of the actual swing would be entirely different on the course versus the use of those drills.  The concept is fine, but it would take a long time to get to the desired results.   Practice all those moving parts and you will see significant improvement in your game.

My golf techniques:

@2:02 [pause the video] and look at the wrist angle of his right hand at the top of his swing.  Yours should be similar at the top of your swing.  Maintain that wrist angle on the downswing as long as possible before impact with the golf ball.  Holding the wrist angle will automatically give you the correct shaft angle and swing plane. Sounds easy enough, but you have to do this without touching the parameter line (think of it as an invisible wall) during the downswing.  That’s it! A lot less moving parts to worry about…The parameter line is always at your shoulder (see graph), no matter what club you are using. The best thing is that you are practicing the way you are actually going to play on the course.   Give this a try and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your results rather quickly.

Those are 2 golf techniques of getting the club into “the slot”.  I will keep adding more posts like this one to give you more choices of learning golf with different techniques to help you understand golf fundamentals.

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