part 3 – Why use Peripheral Putting

Peripheral Putting is an amazing fundamental because it takes your attention away from the putter head and your hands.  The mind is now free from the mechanical constraints issued on the putter head which now guarantees maximum effort on every putt.  Those 3 foot putts are no longer as worrisome because your thoughts are not on line of putt, but only triangle speed.

Golf is played in 3 dimensional spaces: direction, distance, and speed.  In comparison to the full swing, putting is the most difficult to execute.  The only dimension to be resolved in the full swing is hitting the ball on the correct target line (direction).  To achieve the correct distance, all you have to do is change clubs.  And nobody cares how fast the ball is traveling in flight (speed).  Putting is absolutely a Different animal.  One must solve all 3 dimensions while putting: line of putt (direction), distance, and speed.

Using Peripheral Putting with proper shoulder alignment will eliminate the dimension- line of putt and the use of the triangle combines the dimensions of speed and distance.   The task of putting is now much simpler.  You won’t make every putt because you still have to read the correct line, but you will achieve the best effort in each and every stroke.  Ever wondered why junior golfers are really good putters?  Their minds are not cluttered with the mechanical constraints of putting.  That is the acquired goal of this fundamental.  The use of Peripheral Putting just made putting child’s play.