bookcoverIt’s never too late to correct your golf swing or just get started for that matter…but if you’re going to learn to play golf, make sure you know the golf fundamentals which will allow you to stay away from bad habits.  “Golf’s Deadly Sins” will steer you in the right direction.

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The book is easy to read in order to understand and learn golf concepts quickly.  When chipping close to the green, there is no rule which states that you must use a wedge.  This is one of the most misunderstood use of club selection that amatuers make in their thought process in golf.  The main reason is that most amatuers only practice with a wedge and not other clubs in the bag.  For example, I see a unencumbered 100 foot chip and the player takes out a wedge for the shot.  What?  How about using a 6 iron or 7 iron for that unencumbered 100 foot chip.  Keep the game as simple as possible.

The greatest short game professional players all have one thing in common… IMAGINATION.  Practice using other clubs during chipping drills, this will allow your confidence to grow on the golf course and your scores will improve dramatically. The book explains swing fundamentals, chipping, putting,  and how to hook/slice on command.

Fairways and Greens

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