Leg And Footwork


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Set aside the Katana sword for a moment, and yes there is two halves of your body working towards hitting a golf ball.  The triangle is the engine for the upper body and the legs and feet will work as the engine for your lower body.  No surprise here.  Body posture is an athletic position towards hitting the golf ball.  At address position, your shoulders are basically equal to both left and right pivot points in your hips.  A lot has been written and said about the “X” factor in the golf swing.  Not everyone has the same flexibility; just remember to get the greatest diversion angle between your hips and shoulders at the top of your backswing that’s allowable by your body.

In a perfect world your shoulders will turn 90 degrees (back to target) and hips only turned slightly to allow shoulder turn.  To maintain balance and power make a conscience effort to feel if you’re left knee (right hand golfer) moved toward the right knee from its original position while completing the backswing.  If it did move, you must return your left knee back to its original position while you start transition to the downswing.  This will ensure proper weight transfer to your left side.  As you continue the downswing your waist should be rotating to your target and feel the pressure of pushing off on your right foot.  No lateral movement is necessary, your hips are moving in a circular motion with your belt buckle moving to face target.  Your head position should remain very still during the swing; this will ensure stabilization and balance.  As you continue your downswing, your diversion angles between your hips and shoulders will be decreasing.  Your hip turn is in front of your shoulders and the shoulders are always trying to catch up.  If you swing correctly, your shoulders will finally catch up to your hips only after you have impacted the ball.  Your feet should be stabilizing the violent action happening in your upper body.

After the ball has been hit, the right shoe will be positioned with the heel vertical (toes into the ground) and the right shoe laces facing the target.    This foot action releases the stress of the upper body rotation to the finish swing, where now the shoulders have moved passed the hips to completion of swing. Your body weight and balance will be on your left leg (fig. L).  Did your triangle stay out of the “no fly zone?”  Are you bleeding to death?  If you answered these questions with a yes and no, respectfully, you are well on your way to better golf.