Golf Alignment (Shoulders vs. Toes)

So what is the proper way to align yourself to a target?  If you were in church and your hands were in a prayer position, then it would be easy to say that your shoulders would parallel your target line.  The reason I say this, your wrists would be equidistant from each other and also equidistant to your shoulders.  But we have one small problem…we don’t hold a golf club with our wrists equidistant from each other and equidistant to our shoulders.   One hand is lower while gripping the golf club.  This creates a parallax view in our shoulder alignment. Let’s do an experiment which will help you understand this better.  Take a 7 iron and get yourself into an address position with a target in mind (important to pick a target). Make sure that the club face is pointing to your target.  Remember, the score lines of the club face point to your target.  Once you feel assured that you have your shoulders properly aligned to your target and have a good grip on the club, now separate your hands by lowering the bottom hand by 4 inches.  You may have to bend more at the waist to accomplish this.  Now, without moving your feet or hands, turn your head to see where your shoulders are now aligned.  I guarantee you that your shoulders are aiming well left of target (right-handed golfer), yet your club face is still properly aiming to your target.  The next thing to do is re-align your shoulders to the target with your hands still separated 4 inches.  This requires you to re-adjust your feet to help shoulders re-align.  If you do this properly, the club face will now be aiming right of target.  Now move your lower hand back to your normal grip. You should be in a normal address position and ready to swing…but wait a minute, let’s re-access what just happened.  My shoulders are aligned perfectly to the target, yet my club face now appears to be open and to the right of target.  If you swing at ball right now, even if you had the best swing in the world, the ball would miss the target on the right.  Without realizing, one would develop an over the top swing to correct the ball flight back on line to the target. Sound familiar? So what is the proper way to align yourself to a target?  The answer begins at your toes.  The Toe line is parallel to your Target line.  The two T’s.  Doing this, your shoulders should always feel open and slightly to the left of target.  The important thing is that your club face is properly aligned.  This creates a free swing to increase power and lower scores.  Practice.  Play like a champion.