Body Position for Golf


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Picture a mannequin at address position with a 9 iron.  Obviously, the ball would be placed in front of the club head.  Now without moving the mannequin’s position, remove the 9 iron and leave the ball on the ground.  Replace the 9 iron with a Driver and place another ball in front of the Driver.  Notice that the ball distance from the mannequin has increased to accommodate the new length of shaft.  Also, notice that the mannequin’s body posture hasn’t changed.  The arms are still hanging underneath the shoulders.  Most golfers tend to reach out for the ball when the club shaft length increases; thus, the arms are no longer underneath the shoulders.  Think about it for a minute…How are you going to get your triangle (we will discuss this on the next post) to not touch the wall on your downswing if you reach for the ball?  I wish I had a dollar every time I heard this, “I can hit my short clubs fine, and I just can’t seem to hit my long clubs?”  Hum?  These golfers are obviously reaching for the ball with the longer clubs.  All great players are actually mannequins at address position regardless of length of club being used.  This is the reason why some of you felt very uncomfortable with the wall exercise because your arms aren’t hanging consistently underneath your shoulders with each and every club.  Arm position underneath the shoulders never changes regardless to shaft length, only the ball distance from your body changes.   In my opinion this fundamental is completely overlooked!