The Katana Sword

Fig.KThe hands are critical, but the swing is happening so fast and the hands have many angles and positions to adhere to in order to swing with power and consistency.  How does one begin to teach this action?  The easiest way to teach the ‘small muscles’ of the swing is to simplify the hand action with a very clever drill.  Think of the golf handle attached to a Samurai weapon, the Katana sword.  The hand action and feel of the hands in the golf swing is much easier to explain with the visualization of the Katana sword. This is how it works.  At the top of your swing, envision a Katana sword extending from the butt of your grip directly in line with your club shaft (fig. K), click on image to enlarge.   Now swing and hit the golf ball without impaling yourself, slicing yourself in half, or wounds so great that you bleed to death.  Get the idea?  The blade of the sword should never touch your body during the swing before impact on the ball.  There is some release motion where the sword would touch your body, but it is only after you have hit the ball.  My students know exactly what I am talking about when I tell them that their entrails are on the ground or they’re bleeding to death.  It’s a very graphic technique that hammers the point across rather quickly.  Visualize this, if you are early releasing the club (casting) on the downswing, the katana sword will slice your body into two distinctive parts.  Talk about your better half?  It’s simply amazing how well the swing plane becomes by using this visual technique.  The Katana sword technique encompasses all other derivatives and aspects of the hands action (small muscles) of the golf swing.  It is too complicated and confusing to explain supinate and pronate (rotation of hands and forearms) when it all happens in seconds during the swing.  Students will learn much faster and have a better feel for the swing when using the Katana Sword technique.  Students can swing as hard as they want to without the fear of errant golf shots as long as they don’t wound themselves with the imaginary Katana Sword and stay away from the parameter line.