The Right Short Game Practice Makes Perfect

Chipping in golf is more of an art than swing discipline, which takes a lot of feel.  Forget technique for now and create feel by just chipping balls onto the practice green with this chipping drill.

1. Place two clubs lying flat on the green 1.5 feet apart perpendicular to your target line about 20 feet distance from you.

2. Hit shots to fly and land between the shafts with all your short irons (SW- 7I).

3. Take notice how far the ball rolls after landing between the shafts with each different club selection.

4. With consistent practice you will create feel for any chip shot distance with the use of a proper club selection for shots around the green.

This drill will create feel and confidence in your game and you will notice your scores improve. With proper technique you will create a very imaginative shot making ability that will astound your playing partners.