Buyer’s Guide – Best Golf Shoe Under $100

Buyer’s Guide – Best Golf Shoe Under $100

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This is the first of many MyGolfSpy golf shoe-related buyer’s guides we will be bringing you in the coming months.  Today we take a look at a variety of golf shoes that have a suggested retail price under $100.

The sub-$100 market is a tough one for golf shoes. We’re seeing more and more shoes come in at higher price points while also seeing an increase in the quality of the shoes. Buying a budget-level golf shoe can be tough and we’re here to help you find a pair of golf shoes that are worthy of their price and will perform well.

The Reviews

All of the shoes have been judged on the same scale for (Comfort, Performance, Durability, and Style). In addition to the individual scales, a final letter grade is given for an overall score for each shoe.

The individual scales for the characteristics of the shoes are judged on a qualitative scale and are based on observations of putting the shoes to multiple rounds of golf and range sessions.  While the bars show relative performance between an arbitrary minimum and maximum range, the letter grade is an overall score independent of the individual scales.


The Contenders



Adicross III


Nike Air Rival 2.5


TRUE Linkswear




Travis Mathew


Slyder Premium


Chev Aero


TRUE Linkswear Sensei


TRUE Linkswear has put out some great shoes in the past few years and the Sensei is one of the best all-around values of their line-up.

The zero-drop nature of these shoes makes them perfect if you frequently walk the course and it’s hard to imagine any shoe being much more comfortable. The mesh uppers won’t mix well with cold temperatures or rain, but these shoes perform great in normal conditions and are a pleasure to wear on the course.

The Sensei is a great choice for the fair-weather golfer.


Adidas Adicross III


The Adicross III has respectable all-around performance for an entry-level shoe.

While the shoe initially felt narrow and stiff, it became much more comfortable after a short break-in period that took less than a full round of golf. The styling is great for a progressive golf shoe and it looks great during play as well as on your way to and from the course.

The Adicross has become a great alternative to traditional golf shoes. This is a great looking shoe with good all-around performance.


Oakley Ripcord


Oakley has recently stepped up to a full line of golf shoes and the company has a variety of shoes to meet a variety of budgets.

The Oakley Ripcords were surprisingly comfortable. These shoes are great for grinding it out on the range for hours or spending time walking the course. While the grip on these shoes is good enough, the bottoms of the shoes wear quickly – especially when they’re worn to and from the course or worn heavily on concrete. The Ripcords come with two-year waterproof warranty – which is a welcome addition to a budget-level shoe.

The Ripcords scored well, but the lack of traction on the shoes might send you back to purchase a new pair after only moderate play.


Callaway Chev Aero


Callaway has a nice line of new shoes this year and regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s likely a Callaway shoe that meets your needs.

The Callaway Chev Aeros stood out as the biggest surprise of the shoes tested. The Chev Aeros had solid grounding with their traditional spike system and the shoes were very comfortable. The mesh in these shoes very flexible and allowed for excellent freedom of movement. The added padding to the insole results in a noticeable amount of cushioning that makes these shoes easy to wear for extended periods.

While these weren’t the most stylish shoes of the bunch, the performance characteristics were solid.


Nike Air Rival 2.5


The Nike Air Rival 2.5 is a nice looking shoe with a low-budget feel.

The base of the Air Rival is solid and the shoe has a traditional spike system. The uppers of the shoe are mostly uncomfortable and they tended to crease at the toes while walking – resulting in a low comfort score. The shoes look and perform well, but chances are that they’re not going to be the shoes that bring a smile every time you slide them on.

Although Nike has introduced some great golf shoes, this one doesn’t measure up as a true contender.


Travis Mathew Druskin


Travis Mathew continues to bring us great looking shoes that blur the lines between casual wear and the golf course.

The Travis Mathew Druskin is best suited as a low-key casual shoe that you can use while golfing. The shoes perform ok on the golf course, but they’re not likely to be a full-time golf shoe. These shoes look great and serve their purpose well as a shoe that you can have as an everyday shoe that won’t let you down when you happen to head to the range or fit in a round at the last second.

These shoes look great, but they’re not likely to keep you happy as a full-time shoe for the course.


Kikkor Slyder Premium


Kikkor has done a commendable job over the past few years by releasing some great alternative shoes at reasonable prices.

The Slyders are the easy-on / easy-off offering from Kikkor for those that are looking for a laid-back and informal golf shoe. The premium version of the Slyders offers a synthetic leather that is quite a bit more durable than the canvas models and provides a nice alternative if you’re looking for a relaxed golf shoe.

The Slyders are an interesting concept, but just didn’t match up to the higher-performing shoes on the list.



Although the sub-$100 market is a tough one, there are a variety of golf shoes that can keep you happy on the course and not put a dent in your wallet.

All of the manufacturers reviewed offer shoes in a variety of styles and prices, but it’s clear that you don’t have to settle for budget quality on a low-dollar budget.

Do you have other shoes that you would recommend that come in under $100? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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Coming Soon – MyGolfSpy’s 2014 “Golf’s Most Wanted” Driver Test

Coming Soon – MyGolfSpy’s 2014 “Golf’s Most Wanted” Driver Test

Post image for Coming Soon – MyGolfSpy’s 2014 “Golf’s Most Wanted” Driver Test

Last April we published the inaugural edition of our Golf’s Most Wanted Driver Test. Our goal was to conduct a comprehensive, data-driven test that would show how the top drivers of 2013 performed in the hands of real golfers just like you. The results speak for themselves.

For those who can’t wait for the 2014 version, I have good news. We’re going to be publishing our 2014 Driver Test much earlier this year.

Invites Have Been Sent

Invitations were sent to twenty different manufacturers early last week. Each was invited to submit anything and everything from their 2014 lineup. Our expectation is that both manufacturer and driver totals will exceed last year’s count. What that means is that once again we’ll be able to offer you the most comprehensive (#Datacratic) comparison of 2014 drivers you’ll find anywhere.

The rules for participation are the same.

Manufacturers have been invited to provide driver samples in a range of lofts and flexes so that that we best fit our pool of testers. Anything that can be purchased “off-the-rack” by the consumer is fair game. This includes  tour/pro heads and tour/tp shafts. If you can buy it, manufactures can send it.

For our part, we have 3 improvement goals for this year’s test: Test more drivers, simplify the data/scoring, and build for the future. I’ll expand on what all of that means as we get closer to publication, but sufficed to say we’re extremely confident that this year’s test is going to positively kill it. As the guys at Callaway would say…#BOOM!

Who’s In / Who’s Out

Thus far we’ve only had a few confirmed participants (these things take time…golf companies aren’t always the best at providing timely responses). That said, we’ve already received the first of the drivers for the test. I’ll be updating this post with that first entry later today (Tuesday), and will update this post continuously as more clubs arrive for testing.

Unfortunately for those of you who would like to see absolutely everything tested, we have had a few companies decline our invitation.

  • Both Tom Wishon and Geek Golf will not have new product available in time for the test. (for obvious reasons they aren’t able to participate).
  • Miura Golf  (Facebook) declined our invitation (irons remain their focus).
  • Bombtech Golf (Facebook) is a new-comer to the golf industry. They talk a good game, but apparently won’t put its product where its ever-expanding gob is. Bombtech is unwilling to “Pull the Pin”; telling us they won’t send “free drivers”. This is noteworthy considering their past willingness to provide samples to outlets whose testing standards are much less rigorous than our own. Then again…if you don’t actually believe your product can hold its own against the big boys, I suppose this is as good a way to hide as any.

We’ll also keep the list of companies who decline up to date as well, as past experience has taught us that you’re extremely interested to know who declines to have their products tested. If you want to see those products tested, we encourage you to reach out and share your passion with those companies who have chosen not to participate.

The Competitors

As drivers arrive and are formally announced as part of our test I’ll be adding photos and a brief introduction for each.

Wilson Staff FG Tour M3

Last year was a proof of concept year for Wilson Staff. With the D100 doing well at retail, former Adams designer, Michael Vrska, was given the greenlight to push ahead with the FG Tour Series. The FG Tour M3 is Wilson Staff’s first ever adjustable driver. The dark matte grey 460cc head is adjustable from 8.5° to 11.5°.

Wilson FG Tour M3-7

Wilson FG Tour M3-2
Wilson FG Tour M3-1-2
Wilson FG Tour M3-4
Wilson FG Tour M3-2-2
Wilson FG Tour M3-6
Wilson FG Tour M3-1

Stock Shafts: Aldila RIP Phenom50, Aldila RIP Phenom NL 60
Retail Price: $349.99

Please Come back

As I said, we’ll be updating this post with info and pictures as new drivers arrive for testing.

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THE GRADES – The Nike Golf 2014 Lineup

THE GRADES – The Nike Golf 2014 Lineup

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As those of you who followed our coverage of Nike’s Innovation Unleashed Summit know, I (and 60-something of my closest friends) spent the better part of the last week with the Nike Golf team learning about, and ultimately experiencing much of their 2014 lineup. Nike’s media events are as informative as anybody’s, and actually having the opportunity to try the product so closely following the information sessions, proved to be immensely beneficial.

Now is probably the time to toss up the disclaimer: This is not a review.

Nothing here has been tested on a launch monitor yet (we’ll get there). These grades reflect my own perceptions of performance, with consideration for how I think our readers and the larger consumer market will respond to the new products. I suppose the idea isn’t to dissimilar to grading the NFL draft before any of the players step on the field. It’s almost ludicrous, but at the same time, it sure is fun to speculate on how the season will unfold.

For those expecting another state of Nike Golf article along the lines of last year’s #1 Company in Golf…I’ve got some ideas, and some stories that I think should be told. Check back…it’s coming.

Until then, here are the Pre-Season grades for Nike Golf’s 2014 Lineup.



Across the board, drivers, fairways, and hybrids, Nike has made relatively subtle refinements to the metalwood product line. As you’d expect, the talking points include things like increased ball speed, higher launch, lower spin, and increased forgiveness.

The Tour driver is now 460cc, has a refined pear shape (plenty of input for this model came from Rory McIlory), and with the help of Nike’s new Fly-Brace technology, the sound, feel, and overall performance of the Covert driver has been improved.

Particularly noteworthy; MOI in the Tour version now surpasses that of last season’s Performance version.

Those who have invested anything in FlexLoft-tipped shafts will be happy to know that the connectors are unchanged from the 2013 model.

Stock shaft offerings are the updated version of Mitusbishi’s Kuro Kage Series (Silver TiNi in Tour, Black HBP in the standard model).

Having hit the new lineup, I can attest to improved sound/feel, and for one day, anyway, dispersion patterns also appear to be a bit tighter. Without the benefit of a launch monitor it’s tough to say exactly how well the Covert 2.0 series actually performs, but I definitely liked what I saw.


In many respects, Covert 2.0 could have just as easily been called Covert S. In my estimation it’s very much in the same vein of a mid-cycle Apple iPhone release. Legitimate feature upgrades abound, but overall Covert 2.0 isn’t so far removed from the original that current Covert owners will feel compelled to run out to buy the new one.

It’s better, but since much of the basics remain unchanged, many may not notice (or care).

From the consumer perspective, I think it’s exactly what an evolutionary release should be (great if you don’t have one already, but won’t make you miserable if you do), but I’m not sure how effective it will be in getting golfers to convert to the Covert.


If Nike athletes win (and do it often) with the new woods, the landscape could change quickly, but without a more compelling story the visual impact of red, the cavity back, and swoosh on the crown won’t be what it was last time around.

2014 Metalwoods Grade: B




Nike announced the VRS Pro Combo irons a month or so ago, so we’re going to go ahead and leave those out of the discussion.

On the game improvement/distance side, Nike as updated the Covert line with the Covert 2 and Covert 2 Forged irons.

From a pure technology standpoint, Nike is telling a good story.

To offset the bulk of the hosel, Nike Engineers shifted weight out to the toe which places the center of gravity…the so-called sweet spot directly in the center of the face (The one-piece cast version offers additional toe weighting above and beyond that of the 2-piece forged version).  Toss in a faster NexCOR face, and Nike has a recipe that should make for a competitive distance iron.

The problem, as I see it anyway, is that Nike’s new irons are too bulky, and when it comes to the forged model anyway, too expensive.

Both models are over-sized (by current standards), and the transition from the topline to the face in both cases is harsh. The topline is sharp, almost square, and I suspect isn’t going to appeal to golfers visually. To an extent Covert 2.0 are throwbacks to the GI irons of a few years ago. The design is in almost complete defiance of the trend towards playability without bulk.

As forum members will no doubt point out; they are shovels – even by game improvement standards.

And as long as I’m piling it on; there’s absolutely nothing exceptional about the feel of the forged model (pound for pound I think I prefer the cast), and Nike didn’t do much to reduce the comparative footprint either. It too is overly-bulky.

At $1099, I expect it’s the VRS Covert  2.0 Forged is going to be an exceptionally tough sell. I’d be shocked if guys looking to spend that kind of money on this kind of iron don’t buy Callaway’s APEX (or APEX Pro) in significantly greater numbers.

I could be wrong…and I’m certain Nike hopes I am, but I think the irons will prove to be a miss.

2014 Iron Grade: C-

(B- with VRS Pro Combo)

Toe Sweep Wedge


One of the more compelling products in Nike’s 2014 Lineup is the new Toe Sweep wedge (right). It features a broad sole that retains versatility through the most aggressive heel grind I’ve seen from a major manufacturer.

What you get is a wedge that’s easy to hit (and hit high) out of the bunker…the wide sole benefit, but is still versatile enough to be played from any lie, from any face position around the green.

I spent the largest percentage of my rainy outdoor time at Nike’s Innovation Unleashed event playing with the Toe Sweep wedge (unusual for a guy who loves to pound drivers), and I came away a believer.

From even the tightest of lies it’s painfully easy to hit flops shots (even when it’s totally unnecessary to do so). It cuts through wet rough as well as anything. Low skidders, full shots, whatever you want to hit…the Toe Sweep wedge is simply brilliant.

The one potential issue is that Nike is riding a bit of a fine line with Toe Sweep. There’s almost certainly going to be a percentage of golfers who see Toe Sweep for the first time and immediately think infomercial gimmick (Just $19.99, but wait there’s more). I’ll admit, I thought it too.

Less than 5 minutes with the wedge in my hand, however; and I’ve come to believe that Nike has created something special in the wedge category.

Toe Sweep Wedge Grade: B+

2014 RZN Golf Balls with Speedlock Core Technology


It’s hard to know exactly where to start with Nike’s new lineup of RZN Core Golf Balls. From my vantage point, the story coming from Nike this year isn’t too much different than what I heard last time around.

A year ago Nike talked about the sound (and feel) issues with the original RZN ball, and maybe the distance wasn’t always there, but hey…first generation technology and we fixed it with this 2.0 ball.

And no doubt, RZN 2.0 was better. It sounded better (better isn’t the same as good), but was still firm and clicky. Some days it performed admirably, but a little bit of wind, and well, all bets were off. And, oh boy, if by chance you wanted spin around the green, well, you probably didn’t want to play a 20XI.

So you’ll have to forgive me for being skeptical of Nike’s Mike Pai and Rock Ishii as they talked about Speedlock cores, and Spin Optimized Coating, and of course better sound and feel. Quite frankly, much of what Nike’s ball guys said didn’t sound too much different than what they said last year.

Sure…this time Paul Casey was there, but ultimately the story was much the same.

blah blah blah RZN.

RZN is? Nah…RZN never really was.

When Nike people asked me what I thought of the ball presentation I was brutally honest. “It all sounds good, but it sounded good last year, but the ball really wasn’t. So we’ll see.”

And then I did.


At the rainy demo portion of the Innovation Unleashed I got to check out the new balls on the range (full swing, woods, and irons), on the putting green, and with the new wedges.

In ever scenario not only does the new ball appear to outperform (dramatically) the old one, there’s some preliminary evidence to suggest Nike’s new RZN balls (with Speedlock core) will prove to be among the best on the market in 2014. Yeah…I really just said that.

Softer feel off the putter. Check.

Green side spin. Check

Spin on full shots. Check

Holds its line even in a crosswind. BIG MOTHER F’N CHECK.

The ball is insanely good (and I’m not the only one who thinks so). As guys returned from the golf course, the new ball very quickly became the most talked about innovation of the entire event.

In just over an hour I went from thinking that Nike’s ball guys were probably full of shit to being mostly convinced that Nike had finally figured “the ball thing” out.

Other than simply saying “rubber was, RZN is”, Nike has never had anything they can point to; nothing that even remotely qualifies as a golf ball story. With Speedlock they’ve got something they can show people when they talk about waffle patterns, maximum energy retention, and more stable flight. Spin Optmized coating is tactile, it’s something that every golfer can feel – and that’s going to make a difference.

It’s not going to outsell the ProV1, but the 2014 RZN lineup is going to surprise a lot of people.

As unlikely as it may sound given the reality of RZNs brief history, the new golf ball (4 models Black, Platinum, Red, and White…very similar to how Bridgestone categorizes it’s B-series), will absolutely be the biggest equipment story for Nike Golf in 2014.

The performance is undeniable. RZN is…finally.

2014 Nike RZN Ball Grade: A+




It’s Nike, so it’s no real surprise their apparel continues to be among the best (they’d say the very best) in the game. It’s difficult to get too excited over a shirt (lots of styles to choose from), but when you hear about the research and level of detail that goes into every seam and stitch, it should give you a new found appreciation for your that shirt.

Perhaps the biggest star of the 2014 apparel lineup is the Innovation Woven Cover-Up. The new hybrid garment blends Nike’s wind and water resistant Dri-FIT stretch fabric with 3D knit sleeves (the sweater). It’s insanely comfortable (and as it should) and it effortlessly moves with you during the golf swing. It’s the ultimate sweater jacket that you never knew you needed.

Toss in other featured products like the Hyperadapt Wind Jacket (Hyperadapt technology in a lighter shell), and you’ll can rest easy knowing that Nike hasn’t abandoned its core strengths in pursuit of a greater share of the equipment market.

Which reminds me, “apparel is equipment now”, is the story coming out of Nike.

2014 Apparel Grade: A (It’s still Nike)



Like Nike’s apparel, a shoe is no longer a shoe…it’s equipment.

Truthfully I didn’t really see anything groundbreaking in the footwear lineup. There’s no earth shattering technology breakthrough. There’s still nothing that competes directly with the adidas adizero in the traditionally-spiked, ultra-lightweight, close ground contact category either. What we’ve got is a steady, predictable improvement to the flagship Lunar Control, and the new Lunar Clayton which is already turning heads at an impressive rate.

Here’s what Nike says about the Lunar Clayton:

“Nike Golf footwear designers combined a handcrafted, waterproof leather upper with lightweight Nike Lunarlon technology in the outsole for maximum responsive cushioning to create a versatile shoe for both on and off the course. A leather welt joins the upper to the outsole while protecting from the elements”.

Early response from readers has been overwhelmingly positive. I love it. Most of you love it too. Shoe guys will eat it up by the box.

Ask Titleist; when you’ve already got a great product, steady is more than good enough.

2014 Footwear Grade: A



Yes…I saw the putters. I like the putters, but since GolfSpy Dave has already reported on the new Method Mod series, I’ll defer to him.

Have Your Say

Once again, these are only preliminary grades. I’ve only had a brief chance to play with the new equipment, so time (and consumer response) will eventually dictate the final grade for Nike’s 2014 equipment season.

While I’ll admit to wanting more from the metalwoods, last year’s Covert was a visually stunning departure from anything Nike had done previously, and that type of impact is difficult to make two years in a row. The real story here is the ball. If consumers are willing to try it (and it’s an off year for the Pro V1), Nike might finally gain the footing it needs to build for something bigger in the future.

What do you think of the 2014 lineup? How will Nike Golf fair in 2014?

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LIVE! – TaylorMade’s 2014 Product Launch Event

LIVE! – TaylorMade’s 2014 Product Launch Event

Post image for LIVE! – TaylorMade’s 2014 Product Launch Event

** We’ll be updating this feed constantly with pictures, info, and anything else  we think you might find, interesting.

At 7:30 AM Pacific Time this morning I’ll be hopping aboard a charter jet bound for Las Vegas.

A quick side note…charter jets to Vegas are becoming trendy in the golf industry.

A small number of us super-important (my classification, likely nobody else’s) media types are on-hand to check out what’s being described as TaylorMade’s latest product innovation.

via: Dave Cordero | theme song: Like a G6

Fortunately, we’re not being embargoed this time around so I’ll be able to share pictures of the new product along with images from inside the new TaylorMade Golf Experience; TaylorMade’s first retail location (which as it turns out used to be a Callaway retail location).

After a tour of the new digs we’ll head out to the range for what TaylorMade is bravely calling a “new product validation experience”. While we haven’t actually validated anything at this point, I’ll concede this much;

With TaylorMade it’s always an experience.

After a quick lunch we’ll be heading out…I suppose to…further validate the new product over a round of golf at the Wynn. Check back often, and be sure to let us know what you think of what you see.

** We’ll be updating this feed constantly with pictures, info, and anything else  we think you might find, interesting.

TaylorMade JetSpeed Launch Live Coverage! (Down Below)


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Nike Golf Innovation Unleashed – Live Coverage

Nike Golf Innovation Unleashed – Live Coverage

Post image for Nike Golf Innovation Unleashed – Live Coverage

Big time media events are all the rage in golf right now as golf companies look for more, better, and when possible, unique ways to spread the message about their brand and their products.

Anybody who is anybody , or wants to be somebody in golf, is hosting them.

Nike Golf is no stranger to the media event. Whether it’s just a casual dinner at the PGA Show, the launch of a new initiative (NG360), or their annual Innovation Summit, Nike Golf is exceptionally good at bringing people together, well, media people anyway.

2014 (Swoosh Edition) Starts Now

Last evening (Wednesday) Nike Golf brought the media people together again at the Tiger Woods Center to kickoff of their annual Innovation Summit.

Last year’s Non-Stop Innovation event (held in Orlando, FL) was casual, informative, and for me anyway, really set the tone for Nike Golf’s 2013 equipment season. Fortunately, it also proved to be the most tweetable event anyone in the golf equipment industry put on all year.

It was also at the Non-Stop Innovation event where we got our first detailed look at the Nike Covert driver, the 2nd generation RZN ball, and a whole bunch of other interesting Nike stuff. We covered all of it…140 characters at a time.

At this years event (“Innovation Unleashed”), my expectation is that we’ll get our first real look at the Covert 2.0 metalwood lineup, the 3rd generation RZN golf ball, and since this is Nike, a healthy dose of 2014 footwear and apparel as well. Once again, we’ll be covering it live.

Vegas Baby!

On friday we’ll be hopping a charter jet to Vegas (Deja Vu) where, unlike last year, we’ll actually get to experience the product first hand at the TPC Summerlin. We’ll be there to check it all out on your behalf, and you can bet that, this time around, what happens in Vegas isn’t going to stay in Vegas.

As we’ve done of late, we’ll be covering Nike Golf’s Innovation Unleashed Event live as it unfolds. Check back often to see the new products, hear what Nike is saying about them, and of course, you’ll hear our thoughts about what we’re seeing.

Nike Golf Innovation Unleashed

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Tell Us What You Think – Callaway Brand Survey

Tell Us What You Think – Callaway Brand Survey

Post image for Tell Us What You Think – Callaway Brand Survey

Brands are not just what they say they are. Brands are what consumers say they are. – Ari Jacoby, CEO Solve Media

Yeah, I know I led with that quote last time around, but I’m trying to make a point here.

Your Opinion Really Matters

As we said last time around, the golf companies have some pretty lofty perceptions of who they are, how innovative they are (“we’re like so totally innovative“), and how much better their products are than their competitor’s.

Ask any company in golf and they’ll tell you the same thing:

“We make a superior product” –Every Golf Company

They can’t all be right. Right?

One of those companies that will happily (and confidently) assure you that their products are the best in golf is Callaway. Callaway is a bit of an interesting story. While the subject of our last survey (Titleist) is arguably the most consistent company in golf, Callaway has enjoyed…probably not the right word, suffered…that’s better, through some turbulent times. After years of …let’s be brutally honest here…crapping their own pants, things have apparently taken a turn for the better.

Chip Brewer came on as CEO. Former TaylorMade Exec Harry Arnett was brought in to fix the marketing department, and well, the rest…while not quite history, does more or less get us to where we are today; year two of Harry’s #fiveyearwar against futility, mediocrity, and Callaway’s status quo.

Is it working?

It’s a great story, but unless it rings true with YOU, the all-important consumer of golf warez, well, then the Callaway story, no matter how good, might as well be fiction…bad fiction. The kind with Fabio on the cover. He’s so dreamy, but I digress.

There’s Something In it For You. . . One Of You, Anyway

One survey taker (you have to complete the survey) will be randomly selected to receive a MyGolfSpy Prize Package.

The survey is only 21 (short) questions long, and the first handful is all about you. That’s not so bad right?

Take the Survey

While I still don’t love it, based on reader feedback, we have added an “average” option to a few of our questions.

We had nearly 4000 readers take the survey last time around. Let’s see if we can’t do even better this time.

If you are on a mobile device, Click Here to Take the Survey.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Check Back Soon

Wanna see the results?  So do we!  So…just like last time, we’re going to publish the results of this survey for everyone to see. Be sure to check back soon to find out what other MyGolfSpy readers truly think about the biggest names in golf.

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